January 16, 2018
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Get in Bed with Yamuna Body Rolling Workshop in Belfast

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Can there really be a gentle self-care to improve your health and well-being that anyone, at any age or level, can do in your own bed, at very low cost?

You can experience it for yourself on Sunday afternoon July 14 from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. when the Belfast Yoga Studio will present a new session of Yamuna Body Rolling workshops that will focus on routines to be done in bed, that focus on total spine care; freeing, lengthening, supporting and unwinding the spine.

In this class students will learn In Bed Routines that support the spine from the front with deep core strengthening massage and lifting the sternum to lift the ribcage and free the neck and then with great detail working the back from the coccyx, the tailbone, all the way to the skull. This work allows time for each vertebrae to create its own space and position. It directly stimulates the central nervous system, creating very deep relaxation as well as balancing the supporting muscles, the erector spinae, and the more superficial muscles while releasing their grip and taking impact out of the bones that has been created by years of trauma. All this occurs simply through weight-bearing in bed, use of the breath, and staying power.

Your slow breathing and the gentle balls do all the work of releasing and relaxing the tension of modern life and bring healing, nourishing blood to all the tight, sore spots while restoring your body’s natural order of movement. You will feel the difference immediately.

Are you ready to change your life and health the easy way? During this workshop you will discover how easy and effective self-care exercises can be. This workshop will leave you with more freedom in your joints as well as a deeper, fuller breath. You will also learn a lot about what your body needs to improve and also avoid long-term problems in the major joints, spine and organs. Then you can continue to do these same routines at home, in your own bed. Did we mention it feels delicious to do this work?

This workshop is only $38 prepaid with a check, or $40 using our online PayPal tool, or $45, at the door, space permitting. We sold out our last session in advance. All tool are provided. For more information or to pre-register contact Marianna or 207-338-3930 or marianna@belfastyoga.com. Find out more about Yamuna Body Rolling as well as directions to the Belfast Yoga Studio at 9 Field Street in Belfast at www.belfastyoga.com. Go to the Events and Workshops page on our website to pre-pay now and insure your spot in the popular workshop series and use the PayPal button on that page.