April 23, 2018
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Get in Bed with Yamuna Body Rolling Workshop in Bangor

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Exercise in Bed? But can there really be a gentle, relaxing self-care to improve your health and well-being that anyone, at any age or level, can do in your own bed, at very low cost?

A recent class participant wrote, “My chiropractor couldn’t believe the improvement in my hips when I saw him yesterday! I am very interested in continuing the in bed exercises for my hips.”

You can experience it for yourself Saturday, March 15, from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. when River City Therapy & Wellness Center at 268 State Street in Bangor will present a special session of Yamuna Body Rolling workshops with Marianna Moll, a certified Level II Yamuna® Body Rolling Instructor. This class will focus on gentle and relaxing routines to be done in bed that bring about deep pelvis and hip release.

This relaxing three-hour workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to release the feeling of tightness in their hips from sitting too much, a common modern condition because of computer work. Health experts now agree that sitting is harming us, but using a few simple yet powerful techniques will forever change how you see and work with your body.

However, your slow breathing and strategic placement of the gentle balls do all the work of releasing and relaxing the tension of modern life and bring healing, nourishing blood to all those tight, entrenched spots while restoring your body’s natural order of movement, while relaxing you completely. You will feel the difference immediately.

Are you ready to change your life and health the easy way? During this workshop you will discover how easy and effective self-care exercises can be. This workshop will leave you with more freedom in your pelvis and hips as well as a deeper, fuller breath. Then you can continue to do these same routines at home, in your own bed. Did we mention it feels delicious to do this work?

It is so easy to learn the relaxing way to roll out your stress with Yamuna® Body Rolling workshops. This three hour workshop is only $60 is taught my Marianna Moll, a certified Level II Yamuna® Body Rolling Instructor. She is also certified to do Yamuna® Body Rolling Therapeutics and Yamuna® Body Logic Practitioner, Yamuna Body Rolling® Therapeutic Face Ball, Yamuna® Table Treatment as well as Yamuna Yoga® and all of these treatment are available in private sessions.

Please pre-register by calling Marianna Moll at 338-3930 or emailing her at Marianne@belfastyoga.com. Cash and checks accepted. You may also use our PayPal service by going to BelfastYoga.com and clicking on the Out Of Town Classes page.