February 20, 2018
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George Bales reveals his secrets to longevity

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105 year old George Robert Bales from the Park Danforth Assisted Living Facility revealed his secrets to longevity earlier today.

George was most recently interviewed last month, but he told his 61 year old son Chris Bales what he attributes his longevity to.

Back in October, when Mr. Bales donated his DNA to science, he attributed his longevity to keep your mind fit through reading/television. But now, he has two secrets.

1. Always keep your mind fit through reading and watching television.

2. Always do good in your own way, don’t do good in other peoples’ ways.

George said earlier that he never though he would make it as long as he has.

“It’s amazing, but I have many reasons about why I made it this far”, George said. “When I turned 100 in 2008, I thought maybe that would be enough, but I never imagined being 105 years old”.

As of today George is 105 years, 2 weeks, and one day old. He was hospitalized for a few days with mild dehydration, but made a quick recovery.

“Last week, I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance”, George mentioned. “When I got out two days ago, I knew that I might stay fine, since my mind is always on track of things. Perhaps that is why I’m otherwise healthy”.

He still walks around the lobby at the retirement home, but takes it easy on himself because of his failing physical health.

George has definitely slowed down since he was 104 in terms of his physical capacities. But, he remains cognitively upright, and hopes to remain well for as long as he can.

“I do feel more fatigued this year for some reason, but I don’t exactly know why”. George said as he wished to be more entertaining. “I strongly believe that this has a lot to do with the Lord, and I’m doing the best I can.”

George also said that he did everything he could during his life, and he is ready to die whenever his time comes. But, his optimism is not slowing down, at least not yet.

George doesn’t stick to any particular diet, but he eats the same meals every day. An average breakfast for him consists of toast with a side of bacon and eggs. He drinks one cup of coffee with his breakfast. During lunchtime, George eats lean meat, fruits, vegetables, and a glass of milk. An afternoon snack for George is cookies, biscuits, chocolate, and coffee. He mentioned that his cookies are fat free, and he only eats two biscuits and a square of chocolate. His afternoon coffee is also a cup. George has a supper instead of a dinner, but he’ll eat a mild chicken soup, one watermelon, and a baked potato.

“I eat just the amount that I should be”, said George. If I met someone who wanted to lose weight, I would recommend my food choices, because they keep me well preserved.”

When asked if he has any goals or expectations for the future, the answer is as simple as it can be.

“I have nothing planned for my future”, said George. “Whether I die tomorrow, or live for a few more years, I have had everything that I wanted in my life”.

Perhaps that is what keeps his going.