March 21, 2018
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Former Typist for the Bar Harbor Times repeats serious concerns

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AIDS was a highly media coordinated poison crime. American colleges and universities were also complicit in allowing the perception to take root that AIDS just happened. Even when the papers written by those who released the virus were captured, and it was shown beyond the shadow of a doubt that both John Lennon and Martin Luther King were killed in this terrible battle, it had no impact on American historians nor civilian letter writers. This oversight is difficult to credit without acknowledging a level of complicity. Enough evidence exists to convict Gail Burstyn, one of those who wrote documents showing the thinking and planning of the group behind AIDS, yet the Federal Bureau of Investigation were completely silent. So were every politician and teacher I have spoken to. There is a pedantic edge to the way the evidence is postponed as complicated or the reporter, in my case a badly damaged person who was tortured, deafened and mentally injured, somehow at fault, misreading or hallucinating. It is a very bad situation when dissent is referred automatically to psychiatry.

I have copies of letters written by those who released AIDS.

Their specifying of the date Lennon was to be killed makes it difficult to deny how eerie they are. Once you admit a suspicious pattern in the letters of Gail Burstyn is it unreasonable to ask what the pattern is and what message she is getting across in spelling out the heritage of the plan to unleash AIDS? Is the fact that the are complicated sufficient to argue for failure to address them at all?

Gail admits to codes in her letters. She writes of, “Nobuko’s stupid code of what girls should do and boys should do.” Given that King’s murder is correlated to the birthday of De De Mancine, notorious for seducing me as a child, and given that Burstyn calls Thursday (October 4th or 10-4) a “day two” is it unreasonable to attempt to decipher what Burstyn means by “Nobuko’s stupid code about what boys should do and girls should do?” Why would Thursday be a day two if not Wed. First?

My point is that decoding the letters is productive and leads to their thinking and when you pursue their thinking entirely you arrive at the fact they are advertising the release of AIDS as a strategic weapon.

Recall my first clue was that I was gassed in a place called Kings Estate. My first ear doctor Sidney Busis was a holocaust survivor with a tattoo. Gail Burstyn even coyly writes, “I’m a number now.” The nazis used to call the ramp in Auschwitz the “himmelsweg” which meant road to heaven. Kings Estate is like heavenly estate. Realizing that I was gassed in a place called Kings Estate was the first information to alarm me.

This message is intended only to show the fact that Proper Evaluation of the letters is called for. I have gone further reading them and know now they are the confession of those who released AIDS.

Nobuko, by the way, is the name of a famous Japanese film star who was in their famous film Children of Hiroshima. De De’s sister was named NEVA Mancine, like Manson and Cinema. NEVA is the name of Japan’s huge pornography corporation. Their symbol is a C in a star of David. DD is not just the fourth letter of the alphabet, making it all the more coded that they killed King on her birthday 4/4 or April 4, and call attention to coincidence to taunt the reader. DD is also the Library of Congress classification for the study of Nazi Germany.

James M. Crary