December 16, 2017
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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Twitter Blitz – Floyd Mayweather Jr. Turning Up The Heat

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Twitter Blitz – Floyd Mayweather Jr. Turning Up The Heat

The drama never seems to end in the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao media battle that’s been playing out in public view for the last several years. Both fighters, considered by many to be the pound-for-pound best in their sport, have been repeatedly circling each other and finding ways to excuse themselves from match-ups dating all the way back to 2009, perhaps even earlier. But in a recent social media tirade, “Money Mayweather” seems to be strongly ramping up efforts to place Pacquiao squarely across the ring from him in what is sure to be a sold out event by as early as May of this year.

Mayweather, who has an open fight date on May 5th and has received a temporary hold on his 87 day jail sentence, seems very emphatic about fighting the Filipino sensation. Stemming from Pacquiao’s latest fight with Juan Manuel Márquez, a fight that many believe Pacquiao lost, some enthusiasts of the sport are now convinced that the effortless displayed in Mayweather’s win over the same fighter in September of 2009, along with his 42-0 undefeated record, is proof positive that “Money May” is indeed the best boxer in the world. Now, it seems, Mayweather himself is on a mission to eagerly prove that very assertion to his fans and critics alike and finally put the boxer/congressman/sometimes pop star to the test.

Whether or not anything will come from this latest initiative is, however, extremely unclear. There have been countless times in which match-ups between the two fighters were discussed, and sometimes even tentatively scheduled, only to be subsequently dismantled by a lack of cooperation and willingness to negotiate on both sides.

In light of the recent speculation, and with all of the chatter on social media sites and blogs alike, one thing, however, is for sure:

If this fight does happen it will likely be one of the biggest, most anticipated match-ups in the history of boxing and finally be the definitive proof that reveals who is the pound for pound greatest fighter in the world. One can only hope that it finally has a chance to play out.