December 16, 2017
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Eyelash Extension Ultimate Glue

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Our most popular glue is the Neicha’s Ultimate Glue. It’s a great price point first of all, some glues are upwards of $200 and also very finicky with temperature during storage. This glue does not have to be refrigerated. It has an approximate 5 week bond life, give or take, which is awesome and certainly on the upper end of any competitors. It has a super fast dry time, so be prepared. If you haven’t gotten the technique quite down yet, you may want to try slower drying glue such as the Neicha’s Mega Bonding+. The ease of use of any product is paramount and this adhesive makes my job so much easier. Cutting down on procedure time allows me to book more clients in a day, which in turns makes me more money, and the long bond life keeps customers satisfied and coming back. Your client’s time should be valued just as much as yours and to be able to get them in and out of the salon, back to their busy schedules will set you apart. I have had many clients complain about past experiences of taking so much time. When I tell them I am able to finish a full set in an hour and a fill in as little as 30 minutes they can hardly believe it. I’m sure they have a seed of doubt, perhaps a concern that they won’t be sufficiently “full”, but their fears are quickly lost when they see the final result. When a client has to return prematurely because of excessive loss, they may not come back! Also, most lash extension glue requires 24-48 hours of no showering but with the Ultimate glue, you can shower after 12 hours. Hooray for not having to wait 2 days to shower!!! Remember, we are here for them and it is important to consider them and their specific needs and concerns. Check for eyelash extension glue.

Glue advanced formulated eyelash extension glue has been tested non-irritating and non-burning, which makes it ideal for use with normal and sensitive skin, contact lens wearers and active people in search of new looks extensions semipermanent eyelashes. Once real eyelashes applied, it is only 15 seconds obligation, no need keeps lashes or hand drying with a fan that can reduce stress by shortening application time and increase work.

If you are someone who has dealt with or heard of hair products, you have probably also heard about eyelash extensions while other readers may be wondering “What are eyelash extensions?”

Eyelash extensions are like hair extension: they make your eyelashes look longer than they are. So essentially they serve the same purpose as hair extensions except they are for the eyebrows. These are available in different colours, textures and are produced by different companies.

You first have to understand how they work. Eyelash extension wholesale are basically supposed to exaggerate the size of your eyelashes to make them look longer. These are used by people with eyelash hypotrichosis or by people who have brittle eyelashes. These are to be glued on to the eyelids to make these appear more natural and prominent.

You can use these whenever you want to. What are eyelash extensions? Eyelash extension products are your solution to making your eyes more noticeable than they usually are. The best part is that these would actually make your eyelashes look real and longer. You can wear these wherever you go, whenever you go out and they can be worn whenever you want.

The good thing about Eyelash extension training Kit is that they can be worn whenever you need them and you can apply them on your own. These can be applied on the upper and the lower eyelid as well.

The Lash Labs is an online website that sells professional eyelash extension products such as Eyelash Extension Trays, eyelash extension glue and Eyelash Extensions Kit. We also provide eyelash extension training to licensed cosmetologists and estheticians. We sell eyelash extension products, eyelash extension supply and retail.