January 17, 2018
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Importing and Exporting

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Importing or exporting items requires a great deal of planning, preparation and effort. When your business or organization is importing and exporting products, there are many regulations that it must meet and many authorities that your business or organization will have to deal with, in order for the process to be legal and successful. When you are importing and exporting any items in Canada, a Canadian customs broker will most likely be involved. Business owners and others who need to import or export goods in Canada, will require a customs broker to clear the transaction, and ensure that everything in the transfer in handled in a safe and efficient manner.

Who do Custom Brokers Assist?

Customs brokers are not responsible for clearing personal items. Instead, they work with businesses and corporations. Reputable brokers are usually registered with the Canada Border Service Agency. Some brokers are associated with particular businesses, importers and custom brokerage forms. A customs broker has an important role in many businesses. Without customs brokers, many businesses would not be able to import or export products, which would have a detrimental effect on their profits.

Role in Importing and Exporting of Goods

Canadian customs brokers play an important role in the exporting and importing of goods. Without them, items would not be cleared. In the process or importing and exporting, customs brokers act as agents for businesses and organizations, to government agencies, such as the Agriculture Canada or the Ministry of Transportation, to release their shipments. To get a shipment cleared and released, customs brokers will prepare and gather all of the necessary documents. They will then calculate any payments that need to be made in order for the goods to clear. Payments that may need to be taken include taxes, excises and duties. They will also act as a communicator between government organizations, importers and exporters.

Are Customs Broker Agencies always needed for Importing and Exporting?

Many different laws and regulations are involved in importing and exporting of goods, and, as different countries have different rules, customs brokers have to be highly knowledgeable about the industry. Most businesses are not aware of the rules and regulations of the industry, which means that without a customs broker to assist them in the process, they would most likely struggle to get their shipments cleared. In short, a Canadian customs broker agency such as Clearit.ca is a necessary part of the importing and exporting process. Without one, businesses will struggle to get their shipments cleared, and may even face penalties in the form of fines. They make the whole process of clearing products more efficient, while making sure that all laws and government regulations are met.