February 24, 2018
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Everything in its Season, Whenever That May Be

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Memorial Day weekend has come and gone and the May full moon as well — both markers used by many as “rule of thumb” planting dates for their gardens. Here at Hearthfire Hill, the Corinth part of the Stone Soup Collaborative, we are struggling to get the warm season crops into the earth.

We have to keep reminding ourselves that this gardening/farming project is a work in progress and that — despite being “behind” on the planting — we are in many other ways much farther ahead this year than last, which was our first in this location. Last year at this time, though we had the tomatoes and beans and corn in the ground, we were already loosing the battle with the weeds. An acre plus first-year garden is bound to win out, I guess, when matched against one woman with a hoe and a part time, non-farm job.

This year we not only have a tiller, we have TWO — which is a good thing as the first one is still spending time in the shop. And with the second being a garden tractor implement, also comes help in human form. Even someone who is not able to stand or walk for more than a few minues can be quite happy, so it would seem, behind the wheel of a tractor turning earth.

All of this means that tomorrow, with many thanks to the Sky Gods for todays rain, I will be madly at work planting tomatoes, peppers, beans, corn and hardening off the squashes, melons and cukes that hopefully will soon be putting forth food for our table and for market.

Market season starts in ernest for us this month, as the Bangor Downtown Market kicks off its two-month season June 10 (Thursday nights from 5-8 in West Market Square, to which we will be returning under the Dutch Hex Sign banner. On Saturday mornings (and soon, Thursday mornings as well) you can find the Stone Soup Collaborative booth at the Brewer Farmers Market in front of the Brewer Auditorium on Wilson Street.

Even though the summer crops are not yet in the ground, we have a great selection of locally grown, same day fresh lettuces and herbs, with more to come as the season progresses.