January 20, 2018
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Eight Improvements to Make to Your Home

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Color, texture, and size help create the best detailing in a room. If you’re struggling for ways to improve your current designs, consider some simple upgrades anyone can make. You’ll enjoy making a home of your house, apartment, and any future spaces.

Add a New Couch

If you’re looking to get out of a decor rut, one of the best ways to do so is to open your mind to new furniture. A new couch can really shake things up. If you had a couch before with a muted design or neutral colors, shop for one that stands out. If a color change isn’t your style, try a modern shape you’ve never had before.

Add a Pop of Color

Instead of going for several bold pieces, make your neutrals stand out with pops of color. Things like throw pillows, curtains, or even an accent wall could change your room. Draw the eye in with color schemes to add some excitement to your current theme.

Add a Home Security System

You can never have too much security in your home. One of the most important ways to have this is to add a wireless security system. Most may not know, but adding a security system to your home doesn’t have to mean sacrificing a pile of money for a peace of mind.

Highlight a Piece You Love

Be it furniture, a curtain, or a comforter set, build your room around something you love. Find that one thing that’s completely different from your style and play it up. Try to find paint and accessories to match your focal piece and it’ll tie everything together.

Look to Bold Shapes

Be it a round mirror or large carpet, bold shapes make things interesting. Something as simple as a coffee table that breaks the typical rectangle cliché is an investment that’ll wake up a room. When choosing furniture with a unique shape, remember to limit yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable with loud decor, keep the unusual shapes minimal and only use one per room.

Add Ambient Lighting

Lighting is necessary in every home. Even though most rooms come with a light fixture installed, it doesn’t mean you have to use it. Most of the lights that have been automatically installed in the rooms may shine too bright or create the wrong mood. Make use of table lamps, floor lamps, and even candles to create ambiance in the room.

Install Charming Doors

Before we enter a room, we have to step through the door. Just because it’s something to be passed through doesn’t mean it has to be passed by when it comes to decor. Choosing a unique door for your space can add a dynamic style to the room you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Choose doors with character and consider how they’ll display with the other doors in the home.
(Quick tip: decide to either do a matching scheme with doors or do all eclectic pieces. If you only match a few rooms and leave the rest mis-matched, it’ll look sloppy. But if you intentionally mis-match the doors, it adds an unexpected charm.)

Contrast Materials

If white walls won’t do it for you, consider a combination of your favorite materials in one space. With wood, you can contrast metal. Use fabrics to play up your favorite paints or tiles. By accenting with things that generally contrast, you’ll create a dynamic in the room that fits your unique style.

Your home should be a place that is uniquely yours. So often, it’s the little changes that help create a place where you feel free to dream, love, and be yourself. Understand the risks of remodeling but also how the rewards could help increase the overall value of the home. Be proud of your home; show your pride by making these improvements.