April 19, 2018
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Doctrine of Discovery

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At the 2012 General Assembly, delegates of the Unitarian Universalist Association passed a resolution repudiating the Doctrine of Discovery and called upon Unitarian Universalists to study the Doctrine and eliminate its presence from all of Unitarian Universalism theology and practice.
“BE IT RESOLVED that we, the delegates of the 2012 General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association, repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery as a relic of colonialism, feudalism, and religious, cultural, and racial biases having no place in the modern day treatment of indigenous peoples.”
Maureen Smith will discuss the concept of the Doctrine of Discovery, passed by Papal Bulls in the late 15th century, which had a significant role in the foundation of American Indian policy. It continues to have consequence and relevance for Native Indigenous peoples today.
Worship Leader: Maureen Smith; Worship Associate: Laurie Cartier; Lay Coordinator: Vyvyenne Ritchie; Music Leader: LyAnn Grogan