December 17, 2017
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Do What You Like

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Wouldn’t you like to be spending more time doing what you like to do, and are good at? And would you like someone else to do what you don’t like or can’t, without paying labor costs? It makes sense if you are timebanking.

No bartering allowed!! Just exchanging hours, ALL equal. OK,….see if you can follow this: person A offers to shovel snow, rake leaves, walk dogs. and person B offers mending clothes, painting walls, proof reading (I can use THAT)), Person C offers computer help, accounting, web design, and also person C wants some snow shoveled….. Person A shovels for person C, Person B wants computer help, so person C helps B. Meanwhile person A needs their mittens mended, so….. GET IT??? Everyone’s hours are equal. Perform a service, bank hours; receive a service, credit the hours to the provider.

Those who want to understand more can google the concept of timebanking, which is world wide, and/or come to one of the St John Valley Timebank’s get togethers, and/or give us a call.

Next get together is Wednesday Mar 12, 7-8PM at the office of Vaillancourt Chiropractic, 33 Main St Van Buren. FMI Nancy Dumond Violette 207 484 1231, or Paul Vaillancourt 207 868 5599. Also on Facebook as SJV.Timebanks