February 23, 2018
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DCIM Trends

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DCIM - Trends

2013 seemed to be a good year for Data Center Management and data center infrastructure management (DCIM). Adoption to DCIM increased significantly in the past year. Here is a look at the trend in DCIM for the year 2013.

DCIM in 2013
Data center infrastructure management in 2013 showed a significant increase. In a study conducted by Uptime Institute, 38% of data center companies have indicated that they have started deploying DCIM software. The number is considered high according to expert opinions although there is no year to year data available, this is because it was the first time that Uptime conducted the survey on DCIM and no other institution or organization has conducted a survey on this before.

Uptime Institute made sure that the survey was more accurate, so they specifically stated and defined what DCIM means. In the survey DCIM is defined as “a data center-wide or organization-wide system or suite that collects and manages information about data center assets, resource use and operational status.” It does not include spreadsheet, BMI types of programs and BMS. It was necessary for the institute to clarify everything since the regular audience of Uptime Institute consists of large or advance data center owners and operators. For example, Tier-certified data center operators. During the DCIM 2013 survey, the respondents were asked to consider the definition of DCIM before answering the questions.

DCIM global adoption
Global adoption was 38% last year. However, data shows that adoption is higher in Europe. In Europe the adoption of DCIM has reached almost 50%. The companies that have adopted DCIM are the large organizations and the colocation companies. Their adoption rate is at around 50%. At the same time, the companies indicated that they have yet to receive the rewards of adoption. In fact, according to the majority of the companies, they have not even installed all the necessary tools. They were only at the start of the implementation cycle and maintenance system.

DCIM Barriers
According to the respondents, cost is the main barrier. In fact 60% of the companies surveyed have indicated that they have yet to adopt a data center infrastructure management tool because of the cost. This is not surprising because for small companies the cost of deployment could reach $100,000. This is according to 28% of companies surveyed. For large companies, the cost can reach $400,000. The study shows that although the rate of adoption for data center infrastructure management tools is higher, the cost is what prevents other companies from adopting DCIM.