June 16, 2019
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Davis Family Foundation awards Millinocket Historical Society $30,000

Community Author: Mark Bigge VP KEDC
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MILLINOCKET — The Millinocket Historical Society will receive a grant of $30,000 from Davis Family Foundation.

Through this grant, historical society volunteers will be able to complete the second floor exhibit spaces, fulfill a pledge to build and permanently house the Services and Native American theme rooms, as well as create a separate open area exhibit space.

As funding sources have become more competitive, due to a slowing economy, high energy prices, and other negative economic conditions, the museum is reaching out to non-traditional funding sources to complete the museum construction. The Katahdin Economic Development Committee has stepped up to outline additional funding sources for the museum. In KEDC’s efforts to attract outside investment into the area and revive manufacturing, it’s asking those same companies already interested in expanding their operations here to help fund the museum.

The two theme rooms already being roughed in on the second floor are the Native American and Services rooms, which will become permanent exhibit space for the Native Americans that came before us and local servicemen who served in the armed forces, as well as the public servants who ensured the safety and daily operations in the community.

Native American Room:

Millinocket was once home to a number of Native American tribes. These tribes have a long history in the Millinocket area, and now the roots, culture and artifacts of the onetime inhabitants will finally have a place to be viewed by all at the museum. Through this generous funding by the Davis Family Foundation, the long-awaited Native American Theme Room will finally have its own permanent theme room to display the 10,000-year history.

Services Room:

The Services Room will have larger display cases, offering a more detailed look into the many artifacts that came from those public servants that served community and country.

Letters Home Exhibit:

A valued discovery of letters sent home during WWII is evolving into an opportunity to embrace correspondence from those who have served. These letters are cherished documents of hometown men and women that detail their thoughts and personal stories during WWII. The evolution of this exhibit will eventually encompass other wars and the experiences of those that answered the call. Millinocket is home to an impressive war memorial, but it is the letters to the families left behind and the stories of those soldiers that also needs to live on.

What has sold this vision of the future museum to the many grant sources has been the architectural vision of David Cyr. By opening-up the center area of the floor, the visiting museum patron can see the theme rooms. This vital next step requires a lot of core materials and volunteer time, but combined with the devoted volunteers and generous donations, this next step has already started off with a very welcome grant.

The mission of the Millinocket Historical Society is to collect, catalog, preserve and display the history of the town of Millinocket. Its goal is to present a visual history to those that venture north, for those that are curious by nature, and most importantly, educating the adults of tomorrow.

The historical society’s motto is “Preserving Millinocket’s heritage, one story at a time.”

The hope is that expansion of the second floor with new displays will attract more visitors and generate additional income. The new space will allow artifacts long held in storage to be displayed to the public and perhaps increase interest in what the museum has to offer. Future projects include construction of a basement restoration and archiving area.

The entire Millinocket Historical Society and its supporters would like to thank the Davis Family Foundation for this most generous grant.