February 26, 2018
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Customized Printed Plastic Bags-Ideal for Advertizing

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Plastic packing for every product

Plastic retail bags are aplenty and can be said that there are as many types as there are products. For instance we have cellophane bags, cone bags, doorknob/newspaper bags, flat poly bags, flap-lock bags, space saving vacuum bags, garment bags, glassine bags, gusseted bags, wicketed & staple-packed bags, header & tie-on bags, bakery bags, ice bags, micro-perforated bags, safety & medical bags, self-sealing flat poly bags, shrink bags, static & moisture control bags, shredder bags, tote & drawstring bags, wet umbrella bags, zipper bags. Each of the above types has their own utility value and is exclusively made for a purpose. Plastic retail bags have been in use for quite a long time. It has completed five decades of existence and most retail bags are printed plastic bags also known as single-use bags, as they are referred to, mostly carrying items from a store to a home. However, these bags are reused multiple times for say storing groceries in fridge, storing trash, and so on. Some plastic bags that are biodegradable are a bit expensive and some eco conscious people prefer to purchase these. Of late some countries have passed legislations that restrict the sale of plastic bags, to reduce pollution.

Packing your items

No matter how good the quality of your product is, it is the presentation that matters. Imagine purchasing an expensive shirt from an outlet that wraps it up carelessly and hands it over to you in a dull non-printed plain looking plastic bag. It would look downright demeaning to spend a fortune on the product and carry it in such an unimpressive way. Many companies in the retail market survive not just by delivering quality item but also deliver them in style. They use custom printed plastic bags to announce their presence. After all every opportunity to advertise in the market must be used and used well. The companies order for rich looking printed plastic bags customized to carry their slogans or tag lines that describe their branding. Since some countries have imposed restriction in use of plastic bags and many large store chains have banned plastic shopping, it is recommended that heavy-duty plastic shopping bags be used as these are suitable for reuse and can be effectively recycled. Technically speaking plastic in all forms can be recycled into new bags and lot of effective collection schemes exist especially in USA and Western Europe.
As a retailer you can take advantage of the tremendous potential that free advertising on a plastic carry bag offers. These are also called promotional carry bags. One can emblazon their company name, logo, physical address, telephone number and web addresses. The shoppers carry them from one outlet into another, onto the streets, in public transport systems where a large number of people get to notice it. This seems to be indeed a very effective medium. It is like a personal endorsement of a product and brand. This sort of advertisement is most effective during seasonal offers where the actual offer can be mentioned on the custom printed plastic bag. This turns the plastic printed retail bags into an ideal tool for spreading the company’s name far and wide. One important factor that you need to consider here is the quantity that is needed for effective spreading of the message. A few bags may not suffice and one must plan for sizeable quantities to serve the purpose. Again one needs to plan well in advance and ensure that their bag is not a single use one and instead it should find its use for different purposes so that the people get to see it. Seasoned marketing professionals recommend a detailed plan a year in advance and a sizeable advertising budget that doesn’t cut corners so that you may get the best out of the allocated budget. For more information about plastic bags you can click here for the packaging section of maxsun group