December 13, 2017
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Compounding Medications for Pain Management

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More and more patients today are turning back to compound pharmacies to create customized pain medications. There are several reasons for this reemergence of compound pharmacies, but the major reason why so many people are turning to these types of pharmacies to get their pain medications is because they are able to create medications that are easier for the patient to take.

What are Compound Pharmacies?

Compound pharmacies are pharmacies that prepare customized medications for patients. This was the original type of pharmacy, where a trained pharmacist tailored customized medications for specific patients based on their needs. Most of the pharmacies that are found on street corners in today’s world are not compounding pharmacies. The typical sterile pharmacy of today is mainly just a dispensary of pre-prepared medications. However, due to the fact that customized medications may be better for specific patients, especially those with specific medical conditions or allergies to certain medications, the compound pharmacy is making a comeback. Compounding pharmacy can be especially useful for creating patient specific compounded pain medications to help manage pain.

Why Choose a Compound Pharmacy?

Modern advancements in science and technology have allowed compound pharmacists to solve complex medical problems. Compound pharmacists work closely with the patient’s doctor to specifically tailor a medication for the patient’s individual needs and problems. The results can be more effective medications with fewer side effects. This is especially true of medications that are designed to help patient’s manage pain. For starters, a compound pharmacist may be able to produce a pain medication that is available in a different dosage than what can be found on the shelf. Pain medications can vary in their effectiveness according to their dosage, but higher dosages also tend to have more unwanted side effects. Some patient’s would benefit from a smaller dosage of Sterile Medication, but most ‘on the shelf’ medications for pain come in only 1 or 2 dosages. A compound pharmacist however can specifically create a pain medication based on any dosage that a doctor recommends. This can help eliminate over-dosage and the side effects that may be associated with over-dosage.

More reasons to choose a Compound Pharmacy

Compounded pain medications typically come in either capsule or tablet form. Taking a pain medication in pill form can sometimes irritate the patient’s stomach. They can also be difficult for some patient’s to swallow. A compound pharmacist can create Effective pain management in other forms to make it easier for the patient to take them. This can include suppositories, liquid medications, topical creams, vaginal creams, oral gels, lozenges, mini and regular troches and injectable medications. In addition, many compound pharmacies can find chemical compounds for pain medications that cannot be found anywhere else. Major drug producing companies don’t spend money developing medications that are not in high demand, but if a patient requires one of these lesser known Pharmaceutical compounding medications a compound pharmacist can create it for them. They can even help make the process of taking pain management easier by altering their taste and they can create medications for patients with specific allergy considerations.