March 20, 2018
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Compounded Medications Can Provide Better Pain Management

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More patients are using compounded medications to help them manage their pain. Compounded medications are medications that are customized by a specifically trained pharmacist in order to better meet the demands and needs of the patient. Compound medications can help patients better control their medications and what is in them. These medications may be more effective for specific patients and they are very often easier for the patient to take on a daily basis. For patients with specific medical needs or those who are required to take pain management medication for a long period of time, compound pharmacies can be a lifesaver.

What are Compound Pharmacies?

Compounding Pharmacy were the original type of pharmacy, where a trained pharmacist would customize medications according to the specific patient. Today’s pharmacies are really more like dispensaries than they are pharmacies. Most pharmacies simply hand out medications that have already been produced. This means that their medication comes in specific forms, dosage amounts and combinations, regardless of whether or not these characteristics are the best option for the patient who will be taking the medication. Compound pharmacies and Sterile Compounding create completely customized medications, which can be especially helpful for patients with special needs.

Custom Medications for Effective pain management

Dealing with severe or long term pain can be difficult for anyone. Chronic pain from problems such as arthritis, headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia, muscle pains and nerve damage can often be made worse because of the side effects associated with pain management medications. Not all pain medications are specifically designed for patients with special considerations or for patients who have to take a lot of pain medications. Pain medications are typically found in only a few dosage amounts, and if this dosage happens to be too high for a specific patient they may experience negative side effects as a result of over-dosage. This can include stomach pain, difficulties with digestion and mental side effects. Also, how conventional pain medications are taken by the patient may not be ideal for their specific problems. For example, some people with chronic pain also suffer from stomach lining sensitivity. Most pain medications are available in pill form and taking pain medications in pill form day and after can really harm the patient’s stomach lining. This can add to their pain and suffering.

Customized medications created by Compounding pharmacists can help eliminate some of these troubles. They will be able to create customized dosage amounts. This can help the patient find a dosage that helps to manage their pain without producing over-dosage side effects. Compound pharmacists can also create different forms of pain medications for patients who have difficulty swallowing pills. Examples of non-pill forms of pain medications can include injectable medications, liquid medications and topical medications, just to name a few. The topical forms of pain management medications can really make a considerable difference in the patient’s life. Advancements in topical medications, such as pluronic gel have made topical pain medications much more effective and they tend to have fewer negative side effects.

For many patients with specific needs, compounded pain medications can make all of the difference.