Northern Light AR Gould Hospital to kick of community health talk program June 27

Community Author: Brian Mosher
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CARIBOU — Northern Light AR Gould Hospital will offer the first of a series of Community Health Talks 6 p.m. Thursday, June 27, at Northern Light Health Center, 118 Bennett Drive. 

 “The idea of offering periodic informal talks within the community came from our providers themselves,” said Laura Turner, director of community outreach.  “The providers in our orthopedics practice wanted a chance to address some different health topics, but in a way that is more informal, with open dialogue, than a traditional presentation.  We are excited to try this idea out and see how it is received in the community.”

 Kicking off the first Community Health Talk session will be Jared Kohlbacher, DPM, a surgical podiatrist at the hospital.  Kohlbacher sees patients in both the Orthopedics office in Presque Isle and at the Health Center in Caribou.  This was a perfect way to kick off what is intended to be four to six talks a year, according to Turner, since Dr. Kohlbacher is on the provider team that originated the idea and because of the topic itself.

 “The summer months usually mean a lot more physical activity, which can be hard on your feet, especially if you already have underlying foot or ankle issues,” said Dr. Kohlbacher.  “I’d love to talk to folks about ways they can take care of their feet and ankles, as well as answer any other foot-related questions they may have.”

 This Community Health Talk is free and open to the public.  No preregistration is necessary.  

 “This is a great opportunity to not only get some good tips about the health of your feet as you get out and about this summer doing the activities you enjoy, but it is a chance to have direct access to Dr. Kohlbacher to ask other questions you may have about your feet and ankles,” said Turner.  “Although the questions might change depending on a person’s age, level of physical activity, or existing medical conditions, Dr. Kohlbacher will do his best to address them all.  He wants to help people in their personal efforts to be active and healthy.”

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