September 18, 2019
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Close Encounters Between Science and Economics to be topic of MDI Science Café

Community Author: Stefanie Matteson
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MDI Biological Laboratory | Contributed
MDI Biological Laboratory | Contributed

BAR HARBOR — The next MDI Science Cafe “The Search for Truth in the History of Science and Economics: Some Surprising Connections” with physiologist David C. Dawson will be held 5 p.m. Monday, June 24, at the Maine Center for Biomedical Innovation, MDI Biological Labratory, 159 Old Bar Harbor Road, Salisbury Cove.

In his studies of economic history, David C. Dawson, Ph.D., a retired physiologist and former director of the MDI Biological Laboratory, has tried to understand this designation. His studies have focused on the more than two centuries of efforts directed at identifying natural laws governing economic systems — efforts which ask if there are “economic principles” that can be expressed mathematically and tested experimentally.

Dawson has been studying economics intensively since retiring from his laboratory career in 2014. Prior to retirement, he taught physiology and biophysics for 40 years at the University of Iowa, the University of Michigan and Oregon Health and Science University.

Dawson, who holds a doctorate in biology from the University of Pittsburgh, has spent much of his career seeking treatments for two closely linked, lethal childhood diseases: cystic fibrosis — the most common genetic disease among Caucasians — and secretory diarrheas, including cholera. Such diarrheas are the world’s leading cause of infant death. His goal has been to establish a scientific basis for the development of drugs to treat these diseases.

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