March 19, 2018
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Cheyney Group Financial Goals

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September 2000 – During its early days, the partners in CHEYNEY GROUP realized that their skills alone were not sufficient to ensure success for the company. They foresaw and understood that to be a successful brokerage company they would have to enlist the expertise and specialties of the very best in the industry.

CHEYNEY GROUP knew the importance of having the right team driving the cogs of the operation. To satisfy clients and to provide them personalized service, you have to have a broad range of expertise that encompasses all possibilities.

As such, one of our core fundamental policies is to ascertain that all senior workers in CHEYNEY GROUP have demonstrated in their scope of expertise the highest possible level of achievement.

At CHEYNEY GROUP, our one sole mission is to become the eminent leader in the global financial services industry and to always provide the best results for our clientele.

We strive to maintain the highest possible standards of integrity and ethical conduct in our task of wealth-building. We encourage all of our members to achieve the very best that they can reach as individuals.

For a client’s long-term success, we make it our objective that our team members are proficient in a broad range of specialties. Hence, we only employ achievers who have the desire to win day-in and day-out, focusing on the goal of assuring our clients that they will attain wealth.

CHEYNEY GROUP employs industry-tried and industry-tested experts in all the main investment sectors, providing us a strong competitive advantage and assuring our clients that they can reach their financial goals and objectives.

Every client we have goes through a process of financial-analysis from which we determine the suitable portfolio manager. This assures our client that he or she gets the appropriate expert who can deliver the best results.

CHEYNEY GROUP assures out clients the very best service in the industry. Our success comes from this commitment and we are proud to say that our client retention record proves that we are turning our clients’ financial goals into realities.

No other company in the financial field, as far as we know, goes as far as we do to secure a client’s satisfaction. It is our ethos that CHEYNEY GROUP employees have to give 100% effort to achieve a client’ goals. If for any reason a client is not happy with the assigned portfolio manager, we will readily provide a suitable manager for that client.

Achieving financial goals for our clients encourages us to serve with pride and confidence and moves us even more to consistently out-perform expectations.
CHEYNEY GROUP is a leader in investment methodologies. We see to it that all investment decisions are grounded on solid and sound investment theories.

You need to have the proper tools available, as trends and sudden shifts in the market can influence an investment. Our main concern is to always assure that all our expertise is in-step with the latest financial investment information.

The investment world is a dynamic place and requires us to be both effective and reactive. Over the years through trial-and-error, we have developed a system that allows us to reduce risks. Furthermore, in making accurate and firm decisions now and the future, we utilize advanced algorithms using the latest software.

CHEYNEY GROUP is aware of the impact of globalization in the investment sector and how it has brought new challenges into the 21st-century.

Securing one’s financial investments requires more diverse and creative investment vehicles through the right mix of experts, lawyers, and investment professionals who can properly put deals together.

It is essential to have a wide network of international partners who can all work neatly together to develop personalized financial packages. These types of financial packages are tailor-made to make them fit any particular investment, something you will not find somewhere else.

CHEYNEY GROUP has been a pioneer in creative investment, specializing in boutique brokerage. We claim the advantage of being versatile and having many global partners who can aid us in structuring and putting together the right type of financial package any person is looking for.

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