January 21, 2018
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Candidate for Governor, David Slagger

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Why I ran for Governor of The State of Maine
By David Slagger
As I ponder the State of Maine’s, policy’s regarding equality, public service, fiscal responsibility, and the overall tone of our state I decided that I wanted to see if I could really enforce article one of the Maine Constitution. Article 1.” All men and woman are created equal in the eyes of god with the same rights and privileges for all its citizens”. When I served in the House of Representatives as the first Maliseet Tribal Representative, I thought I would be treated equally and be given the same privilege’s as other elected State Representatives, I soon found out I was not given those same rights. I thought running for Governor I could help create more equality for ALL Maine’s citizens, plus I was well educated to address all of the issues facing Maine. I decided to take out papers with the Maine ethics commission and run for Governor. I felt I was qualified having an undergraduate BUS degree, and masters in Maine studies, and finishing a second master’s degree in Global Policy and International Affairs from UMaine.
I was born and raised in Maine most of my life,(short stint in Massachusetts and the military). When I was growing up I was treated like any other kid, kids were kids, no difference between any of us, and we were all equal.
It was not until I was an adult and served in the Maine House that I realized that things as an adult are not that fair or equal when it came to serving as a State Representative, albeit tribal.
Well after talking with former gubernatorial candidates and current law makers, I decided to run as an independent, although I did ponder the green party because their platform I agreed with, but soon realized they were just another political party with their own extremist agenda.
I always believed in being honest and never running from contraversity or my past. As I tell many people, I come from unbelievable tragedy to great success. Part of my platform was to address the issue of teen suicide in Maine, I could relate to this issue as I lost two siblings to teen suicide when I was a young teenager myself. It is a pain that no parent, brother, sister or family should ever have to go through. It is the leading cause of death among teenagers in Maine.
There was also the issue of wasted Economic opportunity that Maine in recent years has squandered, and with that it has divided our state and our people, Maine has become a state of the haves and the have not’s. This is not the Maine that I know.
I respected people such as Margaret Chase Smith, George Mitchell, Bill Cohen, and Ed Muskie. They were people who believed in public service for the people of Maine that included Republicans or Democrats. I am now announcing that I have decided to withdraw from the race for Governor and give my support to Mike Michuad, because I believe he will best serve ALL Maine citizens. It is my hope that all the Candidates will consider what is best for all Maine people (Including Maine Tribal Citizens) and not their party, and I believe Mike will do that.