March 21, 2019
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Camp CaPella struggles to find a lifeguard

Community Author: Heidi L. Riggs
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Heidi Riggs | BDN
Heidi Riggs | BDN

DEDHAM — Camp CaPella is a summer camp program located on Phillips Lake in Dedham that serves individuals with disabilities, ages 5 and up.  This summer, Camp CaPella has an incredibly important position that has not been filled – they need a certified lifeguard. Camp opens for the season on Monday, June 25, and they have not received one application for the lifeguard position.

While the camp program does generally include waterfront activities, canoeing and kayaking, camp staff agrees that even if someone were available to work afternoons, from about noon to 3 p.m. so that group swim and boat rides could remain part of the tradition, that would be a huge relief. While this can be a challenging time of day to fit into a schedule, camp staff agrees that rotating shifts among a handful of lifeguards would also work. The camp season begins June 25 and runs to Aug. 10.

Camp CaPella will welcome campers ages 5 to 68 this Summer. Many of the adults have been attending Camp CaPella since they were children, and a week at camp without the opportunity to swim or enjoy time at the waterfront would be a huge disappointment. For many of the younger campers, the ability to enjoy the water is the highlight of their week at camp. If you, or someone you might know, would be interested in helping, please contact Camp Director, Heidi Riggs by calling 843-5104.