December 11, 2017
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Buckup Maine Democrats the

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Maine Democrats should not fear a (Le Page,) “nightmare scenario” in 2012, because this year is a presidential election year and Maine has been consistently leading most of the nation in election voter turnout.

The original nightmare scenario in 2010 was a direct result of an off-year low-voter turnout election, giving the win to Paul Lepage with a dismal 38% of the vote in Maine, which many saw as a political fluke and now Republicans are trying to use that fluke tactic to their advantage in this current Senate race mockingly glorifying Cynthia Dill.

Do not under estimate Cynthia Dill because the results from the WBUR poll taken months ago is old news. The race is on for real now and Maine has 11 more debates, more dark superpac money rollin’ in, Godzilla and enough signs to choke a perfectly healthy front-lawn. And many more “game changes” to come, If I can help it…