January 24, 2019
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BPD honors coworkers and enjoys hot dog cookout

Community Author: Bangor Police Department
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Rosemary Lausier | BDN
Rosemary Lausier | BDN

We have law enforcement days, weeks, memorials, and a myriad of other celebrations of the American police officer. We appreciate being shown appreciation. People buy us coffee, drop off cookies, and stop us and thank us for our service. It’s all good.

The thing you might not think about is that there are thousands of people working 24 hours a day who make our jobs possible and it’s difficult for you to see them for they are in jail.

The American Corrections Officer enters the concrete cell block each and every day to protect you from “them.” At the same time, they must keep “them” happy, fed, safe and reasonably comfortable.

Next time you have someone in your office that stays too long, think about how it would be if you couldn’t feign a bathroom break, an inopportune phone call, or just ask them to leave because you are very busy.

If you had to just hang around with that person all day long, feed them, make sure they got to the bathroom, breakfast, lunch, and dinner-how would you do?

I will tell you…you would do very poorly.

Your annoying guest didn’t even try to stab you with a sharpened toothbrush handle.

It’s an oversimplification of a very real issue. Who takes care of the folks that society cannot leave among all of the others?

I can attest that there has been more than one occasion in my career when I was carrying an individual in my backseat who was acting like Mike Tyson’s Bengal tiger in the first rendition of “The Hangover.”

I could not get into the bay at the Penobscot County Jail fast enough. And when I did finally get there, do you know who was waiting for me? The answer is “several very able bodied, brown-clad gladiators of justice.”

People tend to calm down and behave in a more civilized manner when they know the welcome wagon consists of five to six hundred pounds of peacekeeper. Peacekeepers who the “tiger” will be living with for a considerable amount of time.

Peacekeepers that will make sure they eat, sleep, poop, and shower on time. Peacekeepers who they will need in order to make a go of it “inside.”

We, the members of the Bangor Police Department, are thanking our local chapter of peacekeepers.

We would like to thank our Penobscot County Jail Corrections Officers, command and support staff, along with the Sheriff and all the deputies.

It was National Correctional Officer and employees week last week in the United States.

They make your life better by keeping our communities safer. Find a way to thank them.

Last week, Lead Evidence Technician Detective Joe Orcutt enjoyed our recent “first really warm day outdoor hot dog cookout and climate change discussion extravaganza”- AKA FRWDOHDCACCDE.

The tee shirts we had made for the event were never delivered because Val at LogoMotion in Brewer ran out of the letter C after the first three shirts.

Disappointment was a heavy blanket to toss away, but the hot dogs were great and the smiles returned when someone discovered a flat of stale cupcakes in the administrative area.

Joe was working on that low-grade meat blended tube of sodium (LGMBTOS) sans bun.

It’s cool, he is into Keto and changes rubber gloves each time he removes a hot dog from the stack of deliciousness (SOD) which Officer Nate “These Are My Tongs” Alvarado piles up on the warming grid on our second hand gas grill.

In the background you might note the smug looking Deputy Chief Bushey waiting for the next round of sausage to come off the grill.

Far off, in the back corner, that is Sgt Wade Betters. He is in the corner of the wash bay and we have already discussed that his time-out was well over by the time this photo was taken.

In Wade’s Public Information Officer role, he is required to be on television on a regular basis. He was determined not to be in my photo and tried to get away. I would never have called him out if he had just stood there and accepted the consequences of enjoying a sunny day in Bangor. In the wash-bay. During work hours. With stale cupcakes.

Enjoy your Thursday.

Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people’s things alone, and be kind to one another.

We will be here. Nate has his own tongs.


The BPD Duck of Justice is published in BDN Maine Weekly on Thursdays. This installment is for May 3.