January 19, 2018
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Bobbie Brown and Athena talk to LRI about their TV show ‘Ex-Wives Of Rock’ and more!

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Last year I talked to Athena (ex wife of James Kottak and sister of Tommy Lee) and Bobbie Brown (ex-wife of Jani Lane a.k.a Ms. Cherry Pie) when they were both gearing up for their new reality TV series Ex-Wives Of Rock.We spoke about the highs, lows and overall goings on in their lives. In 2012, that TV show premiered in Canada to raves and it’s now set to take over the United States on the FUSE Network, airing every Friday night before ‘Warped Roadies’. Their interviews were a huge hit here at LRI and we anxiously awaited the chance to actually see their TV show. No big shock, the show is AWESOME, so we had to conference call to catch up on their current hijinks and get their reaction to the the reaction their show is stirring up. Read on’.

Legendary Rock Interviews: Long time no speak ladies. You guys’ interviews sort of put us on the radar last year and we’ve looked forward to talking to you again. How are things?

Athena: Good, good, how are you? Bobbie got me a new puppy for my birthday and we’re just sitting here playing with puppies right now. She’s tiny but she’s a total spaz and super clumsy.

LRI: Bobbie, there has been so much leading up to the show airing here in the states. Since its started airing, are things going pretty much how you’d expected?

Bobbie Brown : Yeah, yeah, actually. I always thought it would do great and I think it still will continue to do so. It’s getting a great reaction so I’m totally thrilled. I’d like some more publicity but I think that’s going to come as the episodes keep airing every Friday.

LRI: Athena, you were telling me a year ago that people were going to trip on this show because it was far more realistic than most reality shows. Based on the first few shows I’ve seen on Fuse I would say you were being totally honest.

Athena: (laughs) Keep watching! Basically the way I put it is that it is different from most reality shows because it’s not scripted. A lot of the shows people think of as reality shows are actually just as scripted as any other show but ours isn’t because first of all we didn’t want to do one and besides that our day to day lives are crazier than what anyone could write. When it aired in Canada it aired two episodes back to back.

Bobbie: We basically had an hour long time slot.

Athena: So now that it’s airing here in the States on Fuse it is a longer run because they are only airing one half hour episode per week. The first episode is really just a background of who we are and who we were married to and all that but after the first few episodes establish that, the show just really kicks into gear.

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