February 22, 2018
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Bathtime Bubbles and Giggles Galore: 4 Creative Kid’s Bathroom Ideas

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Effectively teaching our children the basics of bathroom happenings is challenging to say the least. Between potty training, proper teeth-brushing, hand washing, and bath-time routines, many important things go down in that small room. One of the best ways to get kids excited about doing these things is to design it with their personalities in mind. Here are some creative and functional ways to do just that. If you want to make a renovation then that can work as well but these are great ideas if you are not going to.

Mix and Match

When it comes to kids’ bathrooms, the grown-up “everything should match” idea is thrown out the window. It doesn’t hurt to pick a color scheme, though. Primary colors make for great bright accents for these spaces. Look for orphaned alphabet pieces or wall hangings, and spell out key phrases such as “Wash your hands,” “Brush your teeth,” or “Splish Splash” on the walls, countertops, or shelving. Just have fun with it. To bring unity to a mixed-and-matched washroom, pick coordinating towels to bring it all together.

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Bring on the Toys

For kids, the bathroom is where serious stuff happens. That’s where they learn to use the potty and the basics of hygiene and grooming. Toys can be used to dental hygiene to keep teeth clean although you should visit the best dental professional in your area for routine appointments. It’s all serious stuff, and it’s intimidating for little ones who are just starting out. So why not take some of the pressure off and bring toys into the equation? Sure, bath tub toys are fun, but other toys can be multifunctional.

Find a toy that your kids won’t mind being dubbed “bathroom only.” Solid plastic dinosaurs or other animals work great for this. Drill holes in the top of the toy and you’ve got a great toothbrush holder.

Bath Time Equals Art Time

There are lots of fun ways to bring out each of your kids’ creativity at bath time. First, you can paint all or part of one wall in the room with chalkboard paint, essentially making it into a giant chalkboard. Now you can create a customized chart to track their progress with their transition to bathroom independence, learn new concepts like the days of the week, or just let them go to town decorating their own space. When it’s time for a new design, just swipe it away and start over.

You can also make simple homemade bath crayons. It’ll be the one place they’re allowed to color on the walls; they’ll be so excited. Your kids can write on the tile walls of the bathtub, with these easy-to-make crayons. Just pick up some glycerin soap at your local craft store. Melt it in a microwave, add a few drops of food coloring, and pour it into a mold. Any mold will do, but when in doubt, an ice-cube tray will do the trick.

If you’re interested in scented crayon soaps, add several drops of essential oils into the mix before pouring it into the mold. Give it an hour to cool and voila! You’ve made yourself some unique bath crayons your kids will love you for.

Bring the Shower Head to Their Level

Once your kids start to outgrow the bathtub, they may want to move on to the main shower head. But often their height hasn’t caught up to their ambition. The water pressure just isn’t right when you’re that far away from the flow. Look for adjustable kids’ showerheads at retailers that can bring it down to their level. They come in fun colors and characters too, keeping the spirit of bath time fun alive for shower time too.

When your kids start to branch out and take control over their hygiene and bathroom activities, keep these tips in mind to keep it light and fun, but also functional and educational. Remember your kids’ personalities and incorporate that into the bathroom design. Embrace their input and let them be a part of it all, too. With these tips in motion, they’ll be soaping, bubbling, and giggling their way to healthy habits before you know it.