January 24, 2018
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Bangor in the Headlights

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Eagles eye view, of Downtown Bangor. Well maybe an AMC Eagle. This exposure was captured by Steven Broschat of Maine Brain Media LLC in Bangor.

I stood atop the hill looking at the Bangor Night Sky. The horizon was lit up with KahBang and people were on walkabout. Just as I was shooting this image an inquisitive man with Tattoos and an aire of disposition that told me that he was literally home right where we stood appeared. The man approached me and began to make conversation. About what? I’ll tell you what. About the Doors and their Album Cover for LA Woman. When he realized why I was here in Bangor taking this photograph. He confessed that he did not really like people from Los Angeles and he described them as being a collection of posterior orifices, albeit he used his own words to describe them. Now, L.A. is a Big and Busy Hive on the broad landscape of our land of milk and honey and I normally do not hang out on street corners at night with my camera. Ironically I thought to myself, This guy must be from Los Angeles. Hmmm But The city of Bangor called to me and gave me this picture to share with the sort of people who do not stand on street corners in the dark of night talking to strangers in the night. Los Angeles doesn’t get much farther away than this. This is definitely my speed.
YEA Bangor!