December 17, 2017
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Artists views of ‘Sky’ at Åarhus Gallery in May

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Please join Aarhus Gallery for a show entitled ‘Sky’, which runs from May 1st through June 1st with an opening reception Friday May 2nd, 5-8pm.

The dawning sky has a way of leading us into our mood for the day… and the night sky beckons us to wonder.

That astral dome which lies so silent above us as we stand on the surface of the earth, holds the heavens and presents to the world a universe of celestial bodies. And the colors of the light those shimmering globes do so humbly fling across the galaxies, our poor utilitarian human eyes cannot see, other than narrow bands of the rainbow, a pallid sampling in contrast to the entirety of the extraterrestrial splendor the sky does otherwise avail to us, the unwitting observers.

No wonder we want to fly a kite, or an airplane, or peer centuries into the past sparkles of stars. And is it a wonder that we name a bird capable of effortless ascent to the upper atmosphere, a vulture, as if in jealous contempt?

Of all the thousand things, the sky, it would appear, is our limit…

Featured artists include; Susan Amons, Marcie Jan Bronstein, Kenny Cole, Rachael Eastman, Drew Fales, Sarah Faragher, Jay Gibson, Ralph Hassenpflug, Kevin Johnson, Mark Kelly, Freddy LaFage, Richard Mann, Cathy Melio, Joanne Parent, Wesley Reddick, Willy Reddick, Liv Kristin Robinson, Johan Selmer-Larson and James Strickland.

Åarhus Gallery, 50 Main St, Belfast, operating under winter hours, is open February-May, Thursday-Sunday 11am-5:30pm. For more information call 338-0001 or where a slideshow of the current works is available.