April 20, 2019
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Arkatechture launches Loan Analytics Workbench for banks and credit unions

Community Author: Joyce Brown
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PORTLAND — Arkatechture, a Portland, Maine-based technology and data services company is pleased to announce it has launched a new Loan Analytics Workbench for Financial Institutions. The Loan Analytics Workbench is designed to quickly identify, quantify, and monitor the risks and opportunities in loan portfolios for banks and credit unions.

The financial services industry has changed dramatically in recent years with the continued adoption of better and faster technologies. Due to increasing regulation, community banks and credit unions are now seeking ways to use their data efficiently.

Arkatechture’s loan analytics helps anyone involved in lending answer questions about what happened, why, and how to implement change for better results. Loan officers can set targets and goals from data collected over any month, quarter or year to drive performance. The Loan Analytics Workbench allows you to:

~View loan information from multiple sources

~Identify trends across segments and time

~Drill into individual loans for details

~Create and schedule self-service analytics

“Understanding the composition and quality of your loans enables you to optimize your portfolio strategy,” said Pat Lapomarda, Director of Data Science at Arkatechture. “We’re excited to offer our Loan Analytics Workbench to banks and credit unions. It provides a self-service means to quickly and efficiently obtain critical pieces of information about your portfolio. Plus the built-in saving and scheduling allows teams to easily collaborate and automate many of their routine monitoring and reporting.”

Specializing in lean data solutions and visual data analytics, Arkatechture works with clients in the financial services industry help them make better business decisions through data. The Company continually builds relationships with leading organizations like the CCUA, Maine Bankers Association, and New Hampshire Bankers Association to serve its clients better.

Watch a short demo of Arkatechure’s Loan Analytics Workbench

About Arkatechture

Arkatechture is a technology company dedicated to empowering its clients with a better understanding of their business through data. Arkatechture works with companies big and small to help solve their data challenges and shows them how to leverage their data in brand new ways. Need results-oriented, lean data solutions? Arkatechture can help. Call: 207-619-1849, Email: info@arkatechure.com, Visit: www.arkatechture.com