June 20, 2018
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An East West Hiking Trail? You Gotta Be…

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Kidding. But he wasn’t. Yesterday, March 2, Mr Peter Vigue, President and CEO of Cianbro Corporation, told Maine citizens gathered in the Penobscot county Courthouse in Bangor that his EW Corridor project would include a multi-use recreation trail along the project ROW.

His statements regarding this trail drew snickers and chuckles from the audience. And no wonder. This bizarre idea defies comprehension really, and implies Mr Vigue either takes Maine people for fools, or is so removed from reality that he can’t comprehend the experience of walking beside a highway filled with speeding tractor trailers. I mean, what is he thinking to express such an idea?

He claims to be “super sensitive” to Maine peoples’ concerns about their land and the environment. Yet he throws out this bone as a gesture of good will toward the recreation industry. Multi use it’s called – for horses, hikers, snowmobiles, four wheelers, and bikers. Who in their right mind would choose to recreate next to a highway I don’t know – perhaps snowmobiles and four wheelers. They’re already inured to noise, but the rest of us would put as much distance as possible between ourselves and a highway, given a choice.

What this particular point – this idea of a multi use trail – illustrates is Mr. Vigue’s salesmanship. He will say whatever needs to be said to sell his idea. Like a politician, he says what he thinks we want to hear, wows us with visions of jobs and economic prosperity and a multi use trail, all while avoiding transparency in the process. With such lack of disclosure, with such secrecy and subterfuge, one can only assume the real agenda for this project is hidden.

One thing that’s not hidden, though, is the absurdity of a hiking trail paralleling a highway.