December 11, 2017
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5 Essential Resources for Every Growing Business in Maine

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No matter how well versed you are when it comes to business administration, everybody needs a little help to make a company grow. Whether you’re an
entrepreneurial newcomer or a veteran of the business administration world, there are plenty of resources available to help you grow the business at hand
to its fullest potential.

Here are six essential resources that’ll give your Maine based business a much-needed growth spurt.

Contact Local Resources

For small businesses, local resources are oftentimes great for navigating the business administration waters. Maine’s chamber of commerce as well as your city’s chamber of commerce, for instance, is a great resource for
all things business and many host industry events like marketing and networking programs.

Likewise, if you’re looking for a way to stay on top of trends within your industry, there are also local industry associations and trade groups that you
can join. In addition, simply connecting with other local businesses is an effective approach for gathering advice and forming like-minded business

Develop Some Financial Know-How

When it comes to running a business and making it grow, financial know-how is a must. Whether you’re an administrator or a business owner, having financial
resources at your disposal is crucial for growth. Having someone on your team with a previous career with Fisher Investments is a great start, but there are plenty of other financial
resources at your disposal if you know where to look.

For instance, there are numerous government websites that can point you in the right direction when it comes to applying for business loans and grants.
Likewise, there are other web resources that are a search away that can help you with everything from setting up the right financial business plan to
following that plan through with proper budgeting.

Get Social With Your Administrating Efforts

Social sites are quickly becoming a go-to resource for the professional world, so take advantage of the networking powerhouse that is social media. If
you’re looking to stay connected to other administrators in your company’s arena or set up a business page, LinkedIn and Facebook are great options.

Twitter and Google+ are also solid resources when it comes to keeping up with industry trends and following business leaders. As long as you friend the
right people and network within the proper circles, social media is a great business resource that has its own growth potential.

Try a Meetup

Whether you’re looking to get connected with others in your field or delve further into the trends that are fueling your business, joining a Meetup group
is another solid resource. Meetups are groups of like-minded people wanting to expand their local networks. Besides, the idea of meetings taking place
outside of the office is really taking the business world by storm.

Finding local Meetups is as easy as searching the Meetup website for groups within your area. If your city doesn’t have a Meetup that’s inline with your
business, then why not start a Meetup
group and become a local leader? Starting a Meetup group is the perfect way to customize your networking efforts and create an ongoing, ever-evolving


The ultimate resource for all-things business growth and business-oriented information is While visiting the website, you can learn about
everything from business taxes and credits to tips on hiring employees to growing a successful business from scratch. Because is government
mandated, it’s a trusted source of information and advice for administrators as well as business owners.

By keeping in mind the resources above, your administrating efforts will result in a flourishing Maine business.

Harper Kelly has worked in the insurance business at Travelers Insurance in Maine for 9 years as well as being a business consultant for local businesses. She loves to write to help others out in her free time.