January 19, 2018
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4-H Farm-to-Fair volunteers needed

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At Farm-to-Fair children get to experience what it would be like live on a farm. In this photo, fair goers are feeding cattle in the beef barn.

Do you or your business enjoy volunteering for local causes? Would you be interested in learning more about farming or teaching others about agriculture? If so, the Knox and Lincoln counties 4H Leaders’ Association, a program of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, is offering the perfect opportunity at the Union Fair!
KLLA is currently preparing the 4-H “Farm-to-Fair” exhibit for its third year at the Union Fair. This exhibit is designed to teach the public, particularly small children, how the food they consume and the products they use on a daily basis are produced and marketed. The exhibit consists of four small barns representing areas of a working farm, including a chicken coop, cattle barn, fiber barn, and blueberry display. Additionally there is a farmer’s market and a farm store. In each barn, children perform a mock farm chore and collect a related product, such as a bag of fiber or a toy box of blueberries, which they can “sell” at the farmer’s market. After selling their “product” at the market, children can use their “farmer dollars” at the farm store to purchase a small item to keep.

In order to make the exhibit a success, many volunteers are needed. This is where your interest in volunteering or agriculture could help. By volunteering at the exhibit you are given the unique opportunity to learn more about local agriculture and to teach children about the importance of farming. Volunteers lead children through the exhibit and teach them a little about farm life at each stop (we will provide simple facts for you to share with fair-goers). People who have volunteered for us in the past have really enjoyed it! 4-H Farm-to-Fair requires a minimum of seven volunteers per shift, plus 1 or 2 “relief” volunteers to allow for breaks. 4-H Farm-to-Fair will operate each day of the Union Fair, August 16 – 23, from 11:30am to 4:00pm. If you can volunteer a day of service to this educational venture, or would like to know more about the event, please contact Cindy Rogers, 4-H Community Education Assistant, at (207)832-0343 or cynthia.rogers@maine.edu.
If you would like to help with the exhibit, but are unable to offer your time, donations of funds, or sponsorships are appreciated to help us maintain and expand our educational displays. All donations are tax-deductible, and sponsors and donors will be recognized in press releases and advertisement for the event.

About University of Maine Cooperative Extension:
As a trusted resource for almost 100 years, University of Maine Cooperative Extension has supported UMaine’s land and sea grant public education role by conducting community-driven, research-based programs in every Maine county. UMaine Extension helps support, sustain and grow the food-based economy. It is the only entity in our state that touches every aspect of the Maine Food System, where policy, research, production, processing, commerce, nutrition, and food security and safety are integral and interrelated. UMaine Extension also conducts the most successful out-of-school youth educational program in Maine through 4-H.

Photo Caption: At Farm-to-Fair children get to experience what it would be like live on a farm. In this photo, fair goers are feeding cattle in the beef barn.