Fort Kent Community High School Fourth quarter honor roll Grade 12, high honors: Jonathan Blanchette, Autumn Bouchard, Hunter Bouley, Megan Caron, Isabel Charette, Jared Chouinard, Alexandria Daigle, Jacob Daigle, Olivia Eno,  Alisha Guimond, Savana Haggenmiller, Bailey Jackson-Pelletier,Kassidy Jalbert, Megan Jandreau, Kenan Lagasse, Libby Lapointe,… Read More
    Morse High School, Bath Fourth quarter honor roll Grade 12, high honors: Brandon Barone, Christina Bowman, Margaret Chipman, Caiden Fraser, Elias Goodrich, Sarah Meyer-Waldo, Paul Ouellette; honors: Andrew Barber, Connor Bennoch, Emma Bryan, Alexander Gates, Jacob Gilliam, Alexus Hargett, Karin Hashimoto, Benjamin Hinds, Nicole Jewett, Antonina… Read More
    BANGOR — Kids will participate in a weeklong mountain bike camp, where they will learn fundamental skills such as safety, riding skills, and bike maintenance, July 16-20, at Essex Woods. The overall goal of the camp is to get kids outside biking and enjoying local trails. Participants must provide their… Read More
In my book, Your Countdown to Retirement, I talk about the retirement experience sometimes being like driving a car through dense fog. There are times you cannot see the road ahead of you, the obstacles and dangers obscured by the fog, or the clear highway beyond the fog. Read More
    For the past few weeks we have heard a Northern Bobwhite singing in our neighborhood. This is a bird we associate with Southern New England, so we were surprised to hear it in Eastern Maine.  My first thought was,  here is yet another bird whose range has… Read More