Among the special reasons why I like fishing bass from a canoe is that a quiet paddle provides close encounters with nature and wildlife. Think about an ungainly great blue heron, for instance, rising from a sprawl of pickerel weed or several painted turtles sunning on a partially submerged log. Likewise, picture a snapping turtle surfacing among lily pads sprouting bulbous yellow flowers, or a hen black duck towing an unfledged brood along a shoreline cluttered with arrowhead, an aquatic plant also referred to as duck potato because waterfowl feed on its tuberous roots. Read More
    Like any artist, I never know when or where inspiration for a painting will crop up. For instance, the painting herein was inspired by this year’s unusually mild winter hereabouts. More to the … Read More
    Though stories about fish and game habits are interesting, it can be said that some of them are more folklore than fact. Read More
    Though Maine’s snowshoe rabbits (varying hare, actually) are legal game from Oct. 1 through March 31, hunters who keep hounds know the long season is short on good hunting conditions. Read More
    Depending on the hats they wear, wind can be a boon or a bane to sportsmen. Fly casters, for example, curse winds that make them bob and weave to avoid having their ears pierced, not to mention wind … Read More
    If you can recall daily limits of five woodcock and three black ducks, chances are you’re now annoyed by aches and pains that make you wish you owned stock in Advil. But given that you’re … Read More
    Contrary to their contempt for posted land, hunters are reading with pleasure the signs now appearing along rural roads. Read More
    To conceal their nests, most waterfowl species utilize the cover of cattails, reeds and willows common to warm-water ponds, bogs and marshes. Taking precaution to higher levels, however, several … Read More
    On a mid-April night, handy to 1 a.m., a man toting a smelt net followed the beam of his flashlight along a wooded trail overlooking the river. Read More
    Obviously, the Penobscot River Restoration Trust’s plan to install a fish bypass at the Howland Dam has created a spate of public controversy. The contention of those opposed to the plan is that … Read More
    Easing into a cedar swamp, the hunter stopped and crouched as the yodeling of the beagle swung toward him. Aware that a sudden movement or sound would turn the snowshoe rabbit — varying hare, … Read More
    The way I see it, making New Year’s resolutions is like fishing with frayed leader. That, however, isn’t the only reason I’ve turned to making what I call New Year’s intentions. Let’s just … Read More
    Considering the wariness of white-tailed deer, you’d think hunters hereabouts would have realized the advantages of tree stands way back along. Think about it: deer can’t smell scent drifting … Read More
    Time was when a string of Clorox jugs would toll eider ducks. But allowing that for the past 20 years or so the popularity of guided sea duck hunts has risen like a full-moon tide, that time has … Read More
    Anglers hoping to enter the Penobscot River Striped Bass Tournament (June 21-July 26) are wondering if the fish took a wrong turn somewhere. Normally, runs of stripers - "schoolies" for the most part … Read More
    Like many bird hunters who receive senior citizen discounts, I've noticed that my dog's bell doesn't ring as clearly as it did back along. Allowing that I had become a bit tone deaf, I took the … Read More
    All told, many of the most interesting hunting stories make no mention of shooting. While some of the recounts are dramatic — such as the late Dr. Carl Ruhlin’s golden retriever, Penny, being … Read More