Sat., Sept. 14, 1-2:30 PM Creating a Four Season Ornamental Garden with Mostly Native Plants – Woodlawn Museum and Community Gardens, Ellsworth, Maine. Reeser Manley and Marjorie Peronto, teachers and authors, will suggest plants for your garden. With the right combination of native trees, shrubs, groundcovers,… Read More
    You don’t want to miss this plant sale! Hold Saturday, May 18, from 8:00 am til noon (rain or shine) for the University of Maine Master Gardener Volunteers Spring Plant Sale. In addition to dozens of your favorite perennials, including Maine natives, there will be scheduled talks on… Read More
    Buyer Beware When Purchasing a Tree This past Saturday, I helped a friend plant a tree. It was an event worth recounting to anyone about to buy a tree, an example of deceptive marketing that is all too common. On Friday, George visited a… Read More
    Guided by soil temperature rather than the calendar or phase of the moon, here is a bit of gardening advice for the month of May. These ideas, plus many more, can be found in my upcoming book, “The New England Gardener’s Year, a Month-by-Month Guide for Maine,… Read More
    STATEWIDE — Whether this will be your first vegetable gardening season or your fiftieth, your success with many crops will depend on the timely presence of pollinators. Cucurbits, including cucumbers, squash, and melons, are pollinated by bees carrying pollen from male flowers to female flowers. Tomatoes, eggplants, and… Read More
    The Cultivation of June-bearing Strawberries Through the Year This is the last of three columns devoted to the cultivation of June-bearing strawberries. The first two columns, “Getting Started with June-bearing Strawberries” and “Recommended Varieties of June-bearing Strawberries” can be found online by Googling my name and… Read More
    Getting Started with June-bearing Strawberries Like asparagus and rhubarb, June-bearing strawberries are a perennial crop started from bare-root plants planted in early spring, as soon as the soil can be worked. Beginning in its second year after planting, a well-tended strawberry bed will produce a good… Read More
    An Old Gardener Discovers Rhubarb “No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture comparable to that of the garden. Such a variety of subjects, some one always coming to perfection, the failure of one thing repaired by the… Read More