This mink was running down the shoreline of the other side of the Sunkhaze stream. I think the only reason I was able to get that photo was because it couldn’t hear us. The stream is so full and loud that it didn’t spot me until it had… Read More
    A damp cold day in Belfast. This photo looks like it’s processed as a black and white but in fact, it is the dreariness of the light that makes it look that way. Read More
    I happened upon this eagle in Old Town. He and the crows were fighting over some roadkill. Eagle of course was winning. In this photo, it was giving the crows the “look” because they were getting too close to his snack. Read More
    I located this handsome buck in Old Town. While we often see many adult females and fawns in the area, the males do a much better job of hiding from view. Read More