Greg Kersten will be in Dyer Brook in September! The Equine Assisted Psychotherapy founder will present a three day certification seminar at Jill Willette-Sewall’s Making Strides EAP facility September 15,16 17, 2016. One does not need horses or horse skills, or be licensed to benefit… Read More
    Maine Veterans’ Home (MVH) residents visit horses and youth in Van Buren again Friday July 17, 1:30 pm. The community is invited to MT North/Perfect Ponies Learning Center 489 Main St, to enjoy the company, entertainment and thank a vet! The Manes and Tails Mud Pony… Read More
    Any and all Saturdays in April 1-3pm, you are invited to “come pet a horse, you won’t regret it.” (hugs encouraged too) Bring your family; youngest to grandparents. Visiting hours, no fee, smiles WILL happen. Manes and Tails North at Perfect Ponies Learning Center, 489 Main St, Van… Read More
    At SJV Timebanks, Yes we sure are! No currency involved. Offering what we like to do and requesting what we could use some help with. Trading hours. Each month some members, and anyone interested, gather at the office of Vaillancourt Chiropractic, 29 Main St, Van Buren, to find… Read More
    Don’t just sit there watching everyone on TV or the internet do it; come pet a horse. Warriors and horses have been teaming up country wide for fun, therapy, activities, family outings. At Manes and Tails North, Perfect Ponies Learning Center, Veterans and families are invited to… Read More
    Across the USA Veterans and Families have enjoyed and benefited from time with horses. From a playful visit to programs to care for and ride, or Equine Assisted Learning; most say it is healing as well as fun. The Manes and Tails North facility, Perfect Ponies Learning Center… Read More
    For more reasons than we know so far. In physical therapy, working around horses is calming and motivating; mounted work simulates walking, as well as integrating senses to develop better overall coordination. Many vets are turning to Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) for help… Read More
    Teaming up with horses is a growing wellness activity for veterans in Northern Maine. Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is helping vets and families live better across the USA. Some prefer a family outing on the farm, others like regular sessions of grooming, ground work, or learning to… Read More
    Members of the Manes and Tails youth group, Mud Pony Club, invite you to final 2014 Open House aka “Brush Hours” at Perfect Ponies Learning Center, Main St, Van Buren, Saturday, April 26, 1-3 PM. As the saying goes, “COME PET A HORSE!!” Bring your parents and Grand… Read More
    Just come and meet them. You, your family are and friends invited to Open House aka: “Brush Hours” each Saturday in April 1-3 pm. For the third year in a row, Perfect Ponies Therapeutic Learning Center (PP-TLC) on Main St in Van Buren is open to… Read More
    ‘Paying it forward’ is the term used often by timebankers through out the USA. Offer a service you like to do and are good at; request services you don’t know how to do, or do not like doing. When this works among a timebanking group, everyone gets to… Read More
    Would you like to meet a horse? Bring your parents, bring your grand parents! This is the third year that a small farm in Van Buren offers Open House aka “Brush Hours” to the public on April Saturday afternoons 1-3pm, snow, rain or shine. During… Read More
    Wouldn’t you like to be spending more time doing what you like to do, and are good at? And would you like someone else to do what you don’t like or can’t, without paying labor costs? It makes sense if you are timebanking. No bartering allowed!!… Read More
    Would you want a therapy horse to keep doing her work? As a healthy and cooperative member of her team, that’s what ‘Aisha’ does. A majestic Brabant draft horse, she offers herself as a companion, physical and emotional support system and even a platform for teens learning vaulting,… Read More
    Veterans and Families are again invited to visit horses and ponies, find out how equine programs are helping across the USA. Plan to come back; family outings, learning to ride, Equine Assisted Learning sessions. 489 Main St Van Buren, Perfect Ponies Learning Center. Next Open House Wed Oct… Read More
    Open to Veterans, Service members and Families, Wednesday, October 9, 3-6pm at Perfect Ponies Learning Center, 489 Main St, Van Buren. Learn how horses are helping Vets across the USA, make plans to return for family fun, visits, riding or Equine Assisted Learning. Come for a few minutes… Read More
    Taking part in the WHOA project (Warriors Horses Of America), Caribou Maine Veterans’ home residents visited horses and ponies in Van Buren for the third time this summer. They spent visits handling, brushing, and buggy riding ponies; having learned of the opportunity because a Veterans’ Benefits workshop took… Read More