Professors Jessica Leahy and Bob Seymour will lead a tour of their woodlot, Black’s Grove Tree Farm, in Mariaville, Maine on Saturday May 21 beginning at noon. They will describe the planning and outcome of a recent timber harvest. The discussion will include the history of the woodlot;… Read More
    Many of us who spend time in the outdoors have noticed an increase in the number of ticks in our region. At the same time, we have heard numerous reports about increasing cases of Lyme disease and other insect-borne diseases. This program provides an opportunity to learn current… Read More
    Sponsored by the Penobscot Valley Chapter of SWOAM, this program is designed to help you to better understand how to identify the species of trees that inhabit the woodlands of our region. Though it is Intended primarily for beginners, there will be items of interest to veterans as… Read More
    Spend a morning in the field with demonstrations of equipment that can be used for small scale logging operations. Emphasis will be on use of ATV, tractor and other low-impact equipment. Event is sponsored by SWOAM, Penobscot Valley Chapter, and will be held at the Mike & Judy… Read More
    The Penobscot Valley Chapter of the Small Woodland Owners Association of Maine is sponsoring a program focusing on factors that influence woodlot health. Allison Kanoti, Forest Entomologist with the Maine Forest Service, will review current and expected insects and pathogens that threaten forest health and will offer recommendations… Read More