Articles by Anne Layman


Sustainable Landscape Design and Native Garden Landscaping

By Anne Layman on Feb. 28, 2014, at 6:54 a.m.
Part of designing a home’s landscape is the development of a master plan. This will help save not just your money but also your time. When developing the master plan, among the important things to consider are the environmental conditions and resources. This is where the principle of sustainable landscape …

Tropical Landscape Design and Garden Maintenance Services

By Anne Layman on Feb. 11, 2014, at 4:33 a.m.
Tropical landscaping can turn your garden from ordinary to exotic-looking. Apart from providing you with a relaxing, resort-style haven and tropical landscapes do not need complicated Garden maintenance service. They can be very low maintenance, provided you plan your garden in advance. Here are some tips on how to achieve …

Swimming Pool Landscaping

By Anne Layman on Nov. 19, 2013, at 7:30 a.m.
A swimming pool is often seen as the ‘gem’ in the property. In fact, more often than not, it even takes on the shape of a gem. A gem on its own however, has limited value – its value increases if it is set in a necklace or some similar …