Will Green Bay be the Super Bowl champs for two years or longer and only have to play one game to have the honor? Maybe, if the NFL players and owners continue feuding. The current agreement ends on March 3. Talks so far have gone nowhere. Read More
    It will be like old times that really aren’t so old after all when the Tampa Bay Rays come to Boston. With the signing of Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon to the roster, Tampa Bay will give Sox fans a chance to once more respond to… Read More
    For all Black Bear hockey fans, don’t miss the video to be found at www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6LQsSlF92c&feature=player. It’s a great tribute to Alfond Arena, the fans and the team. It’s hard to believe that the Alfond is now cited as one of the great college… Read More
    Nothing like below-freezing temps to give meaning to the hot-stove season. Believe it — pitchers and catchers report around Feb. 14 to most MLB camps and the so-called offseason will be over. Pour another cup of coffee and just for fun, an early look… Read More
    Perhaps she was meant to be the messenger. Few seem to be listening, maybe now more will hear. Baseball has long lived in the hazy twilight between reality and fiction. It lives on the soft spot of the human heart, wrapping itself in the flag and… Read More
    There are not enough lines this year for this column. Humbling. Bob Feller’s recent death left a gaping hole in the Baseball Hall of Fame gatherings. Earnest, opinionated, strong and decent, this pitcher never lost his love of the game. He served his country in World… Read More
    It is not far-fetched to say this past week has been the most important offseason week in Red Sox history. The signings of Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford have made the Sox the prohibitive favorite in the American League East, even if C.C. Sabbathia of the… Read More
    I continue to believe more turkey is consumed at picking time — that’s right after everyone has just eaten for two hours and the cleaning of the table starts — than at the meal. That’s when the carcass of the bird gets moved to the kitchen… Read More
    The work of sports journalism is not getting any easier. As I watch Georgia and Auburn play football last weekend amid the ongoing issue of whether Auburn quarterback Cam Newton and/or his family improperly requested/received money for his going to Auburn, the many blockades to a… Read More
    The “vs.” in sports contests is no longer confined to team names surrounding the term. Now the battles are showing up in court and there will be more to come. Just when sports fans thought the steroid thing might be winding down and we might actually… Read More
    Humble is not a term used often in this day and age, anywhere, much less in the world of hyperbole sports. Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants, the World Series champs, for both winning and for being humble about it and strong enough to say so. Read More
    The baseball gods have spoken and the Rangers aren’t very happy with what they’ve said. However, like Maine weather, just wait a minute and it could all change. Texas enters Game 3 Saturday night down 2-0 to the Giants. This will be the first World Series… Read More
    Texas manager Ron Washington has survived a lot this year. He survived an admission of drug use in previous years. The Rangers kept him on as manager as suggestions he be relieved whirled around him. He survived injury after injury to his team’s key… Read More
    ARLINGTON, Texas — The front page, above the fold, on the right, in Friday’s Dallas Morning News read, “Yankees fans bring the swagger.” The headline in the Dallas Morning News sports page read, “Ghost Busting.” These bold type headlines were in reference to the… Read More
    The front office of Major League Baseball does not like postseason distractions. That is why there are no trades during the playoffs, why announcements on managerial changes are put off if possible and why teams rarely make major announcements. MLB will not be happy at the… Read More