The sight and scent of lilacs in my backyard last for such a short time but bring me immense joy. We have a lilac bush that we bought years ago as a tiny plant from the McLaughlin Garden in South Paris, Maine. The flowers are pink and… Read More
    Telemedicine — using electronic communications to exchange medical information — is not a new idea. Just a few months ago, I wrote about a home care agency in Maine that uses telemedicine to help elderly clients stay home longer. According to the American Telemedicine Association, the use of… Read More
    Source: Jill Valley-Orlando What’s in a name? Quite a bit believes the Maine Center for Cancer Medicine and Blood Disorders in Scarborough. The practice was founded in 1978 by Dr. Ronald Carroll, Maine’s first medical oncologist. Today the private group practice has 13… Read More
    Tuesday May 13 Free Skin Cancer Screening Mercy Oncology-Hematology Center Fore River Medical Office Building 195 Fore River Parkway Portland, Maine All day/Call 1-844-504-9680 to make an appointment. For more information ... Saturday… Read More
    On the Morning Report today we talked about Ellen Munson, a woman I profiled in the late 80s when I was Newscenter’s health reporter. Ellen had a kidney transplant in 1986 and needed a second one 18 years later. You can read the details of her… Read More
    Three people I know got sick over the weekend because of the heat. One had heat stroke and spent a night in the hospital and the other two probably had heat exhaustion. Both happen because the body can’t cool itself and both are dangerous heat illnesses, especially heat… Read More
    It’s asparagus season and thanks to my husband Barry, this wonderful vegetable grows right in our backyard. I’m sure I’ve never had any quite as delicious as when he cooks it fresh from the garden. Fresh asparagus from our garden The secret to… Read More
    I just found out that today is Melanoma Monday — an awareness campaign developed by the American Academy of Dermatology — so decided to update a post I wrote last year about protecting your skin from the sun. I also… Read More
    She still has far more sense than I will ever have. My mother. Who has Alzheimer’s disease. We decided that it was a lovely day for a walk along the ocean on Portland’s Eastern Promenade Trail. The sun was out. It was really warm. My… Read More