BANGOR — While other eighth graders play video games after school, 14-year-old Jayda Bailey dons boxing gloves and pounds away at men much larger and heavier than herself. And this experienced mixed martial arts student would not have it any other way, even when the competition punches… Read More
    BREWER — Ducky. Just ducky. That’s the sentiment around 14-year-old Abigail Bennett these days — and it’s not meant as any fowl wisequack. The eighth-grade from Brewer Community School just won a contest with 483 entries and will now represent Maine in the national competition in Washington,… Read More
    Senior Beat
    Think about the last time you visited your healthcare provider. Did you understand everything that was talked about? Did you leave the office confident that you had a solid plan for better health? Medical appointments are short — and before you know it, you’re out the door. Read More
    BANGOR — Tucked into the Queen City’s east corner, Mount Hope Cemetery provides a quiet oasis for the living — and the dead, naturally — about 2 miles from the traffic-humming Bangor Mall. The cemetery has sheltered Bangor’s famous and obscure residents since the 1830s — and visitors… Read More
    BANGOR — Every city has its mythology, and Bangor is no exception. Just as Boston and Philadelphia have endured a plethora of half-truths and flat-out lies spun around favorite sons Paul Revere and Benjamin Franklin (respectively), the Queen City also has its share of fractured history. Let’s… Read More
    The Weekly is a community newspaper, so reviewing a national product seems out of place. But given that so many people suffer from back pain, I hope this one helps some of you out there. With lower-back surgery in 1987 and a car accident that damaged my… Read More
    ORRINGTON — Warm steam rising from a 15-gallon evaporator greeted visitors attending the March 22 MapleFestival/Irish Celebration, held at the Curran Homestead Living History Farm & Museum on Fields Pond Road in Orrington. The event featured different activities, from learning how maple sap becomes maple syrup to… Read More
    BREWER — Amidst the muffled roar and spraying sawdust, Michela Jamison seems quite happy. On an overcast March morning, with the thermometer hovering in the mid-30s, Jamison wields an Oregon chainsaw while cutting maple logs spread behind Brewer High School. Clad in a logger’s helmet and ear… Read More
    Editor’s note: Last week, we learned how Wendy Morrill and her father, Richard Bailey, did an impromptu 20-mile hike on the wild coast of Quintana Roo, Mexico, and how they returned the following year for another 20-mile hike near Cancun. After reading about Michel Peissel’s 200-mile hike along… Read More
    Who doesn’t shudder when they hear that a senior has been victimized by a ruthless scam artist? How often do we utter, “Something needs to be done about this. We need to protect our seniors”? Something is being done. The Penobscot County Triad is a non-profit organization… Read More
    ORONO — Out of the trunk of her Subaru, a Vietnamese woman sells egg rolls and noodles. Steam from the warm food condensates in the plastic containers. It’s February, it’s cold, but it’s sunny enough to keep producers and customers coming. And that’s why Bich NGA Burill… Read More
    Outlook: Business & Economic Development
    Can your business go green by going virtual? According to a Huffington Post article by Jared Seeger, if more companies pushed telecommuting, Americans would use 625 million fewer barrels of oil annually, reduce greenhouse emissions by 107 million tons, and save $43 billion on gas. The combination of… Read More
    Outlook: Business & Economic Development
    More Maine business owners than ever are relying on Machias Savings Bank to provide the banking services they need. “Our focus is the state of Maine,” said Executive Vice President James Donnelly. “We are invested in the business community in Maine and are committed to helping our… Read More
    MILFORD — Hacking through jungles with a machete. Walking wild tropical coastlines. Surviving on coconuts and water wherever she could find it. Call this jungle-hopping adventurer “Indiana Jane.” When Wendy Morrill of Milford went with her parents and a group of 50- and 60-somethings to an… Read More
    The No. 1 killer of women worldwide today is heart disease. Nearly 8.6 million women die worldwide annually from heart disease, compared to 400,000 who die from breast cancer. A major factor impacting mortality rates has been a knowledge deficit regarding the prevalence  of heart… Read More
    ORONO — The Maynard F. Jordan Planetarium and Observatory are getting a $5.2 million upgrade as the Emera Astronomy Center, slated to open this fall. The new all-digital facility will be a grand improvement over the current one. “It’s head and shoulders, quantum leaps beyond what we’ve… Read More
    AUGUSTA — The MaineDOT Work Plan released in January details an ambitious schedule of 1,600-plus projects to be completed by the Maine Department of Transportation during the next year at an aggregate cost of $2.02 billion. The document includes $455 million budgeted for 425 capital projects in 2014… Read More