Last year the moose lottery was hosted at Cabelas in Scarborough. It was a one day event, where eager sportsman gathered around to hear their name announced as a lucky winner in the lottery. It’s been done this way since 1999, at various locations around the state. This… Read More
    We didn’t know what we were doing. Garrett Sughrue, Jake Reynolds, and myself had been coyote hunting back in September, and failed miserably. Since then we’d done our homework, talked to local hunters, and were convinced we had a chance this time around. But we wouldn’t… Read More
    I recently read ‘Fly Rod Crosby: The Woman Who Marketed Maine’, hoping to find ways to better market hunting and fishing in the state. If Fly Rod did it back in the day, why can’t we do it now? Fly Rod (Cornelia Thurza Crosby) was a… Read More
    Maine has a problem, and so does the nation. The number of non-esident hunters entering the state has declined 27% from 1995 to 2010. As of 2010, nonresident licenses make up 13.7% of all Maine hunting licenses sold (205,271). It’s not just a Maine problem, nationwide hunting license… Read More