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No matter how many times we saw them, it was hard to not be impressed by reindeer sporting a full, velvety rack.

Forget moose — when you’re above the Arctic Circle, it’s time for reindeer games

“When a driver hits and kills a reindeer, they are responsible for compensating the animal’s owner for the cost of that reindeer. So we are a bit happy when one gets hit.”
Jesse Belanger, Deputy EMA Director discusses an issue with County Public Works Director and logistics coordinator Paul Bernier

Aroostook County Participates in Statewide Emergency Planning Exercise

Michael Brown

PI man who died in shootout fell in with wrong crowd, sister says

“I wish I would have got to say goodbye to my brother. We were very close growing up.”

NMMC Rated Top 100 Great Community Hospital in America

Dushko Venelinov Vulchev

Competency hearing set for Houlton man charged with kidnapping

Vulchev was indicted on eight charges by the Aroostook County grand jury last June — kidnapping, domestic violence assault, obstructing the report of a crime, theft, domestic violence terrorizing, improper contact and two counts of violating conditions of release.
Nic Thibodeau

F. A. Peabody Company Acquires Andy Daigle Agency Business

Trainees involved in shooting at police academy violated rules, director says

“It’s against academy rules to have guns on campus,” Rogers said in an interview Wednesday.

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