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PHOTO back row left to right: Kayla Williams, Sharon Saucier, Pam Lavoie, Meagan Jandreau, Heidi Ouellette, Carolyn Taggett, Director 
Seated left to right: Sue Saucier, Pauline Hebert, Tammy Roy

Leading the Way

PHOTO back row left to right: Gail Marquis, Supervisor; Nicole Saucier; Paige Theriault; Carol Theriault; Amy Guerrette
Front row left to right: Linda Gagnon, Jeanne Ouellette, Sue Guerrette, Marielle Charette

Put Your Best Fork Forward

Lilly Kuhn of Yarmouth harvests potatoes during Wolfe's Neck Farm's summer Teen Agriculture program in Freeport.

Maine is a ‘hotbed’ of summer camps, and kids love it

“There’s a reason why Maine is such a hotbed for summer camps, and it’s because of the woods and mountains and lakes and coast.”
Gabe Foss goofing around at the &quotClown Photo" booth.

2nd Annual DHA Winterfest Carnival in Danforth

Monday's snowy roads apparently caused a New Brunswick woman's vehicle to crash into a log truck on Corner Road in Bridgewater.

Canadian woman drives into logging truck in Bridgewater

Monday’s snowy roads apparently caused a New Brunswick woman’s vehicle to crash into a log truck.

Small Maine communities reclaim their say over wind projects

A total of 39 Unorganized Territory communities have taken back the ability to nix wind power projects they don’t like.

Maine pols push to keep late campaign contributions hidden until after elections

Last year, candidates, PACs and ballot question campaigns disclosed more than $2.6 million of spending under what’s known as 24-hour reporting.

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