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LePage’s opposition to chemicals law draws criticism

AUGUSTA | It seemed like an issue upon which everyone could agree: protecting children from harmful chemicals in the products they use every day. Yet less than three years after the “Kid-Safe Products Act” passed the Legislature with overwhelming bipartisan support, the law has re-emerged as a political issue …
Most canned foods contain the chemical BPA, which is used as a liner to help protect the contents from spoiling. BPA also is added to many plastic products, including baby bottles and sippy cups.

BPA: What’s all the flap?

Bisphenol A, better knows as BPA, has received considerable attention in the media in recent years and in Maine in the past week.  You may be thinking this really doesn’t have a lot to do with you, or with nutrition.  Well, if you heat anything in the microwave, or use …

LePage dismisses BPA dangers; ‘worst case is some women may have little beards’

AUGUSTA | The political debate over bisphenol A is heating up in Maine after Gov. Paul LePage’s recent comments questioning whether the controversial chemical is as dangerous as many scientists claim. And LePage’s unusual quip about some women growing “little beards” from exposure to BPA likely will add another …