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Questions answered about Roxanne Quimby and me

I have really enjoyed collaborating with Lucas and his team. They even spent an evening in my Mount Vernon dining room, maps spread out on the table.

Pine Tree State

If Roxanne Quimby continues to buy up land as fast as she is…

Dunk Tank

The recent comments by Roxanne Quimby about Mainers reminded me of dunk tanks used at fairs, events and so forth…


If you are trying to sell the people of Maine the idea of a state park…the quotes Roxanne Quimby had attributed to her won’t help.

Maine Draft GOP Platform Opposes National Park

Over the last few weeks, the draft proposal for the “new” Maine GOP Party platform statement has raised a few eyebrows, but one of the most remarkable things about the new document is a minor addition from the Mane “Tea Party” backed platform approved in 2010. 5. Oppose all attempts …

Deadline approaches for high school Baxter expedition

The fourth annual Maine Youth Wilderness Program is open for applicants through Feb. 15, a deadline that is fast approaching. All Maine high school sophomores and juniors interested in having an amazing outdoor experience this summer — hurry up and send in your applications. The program, sponsored by the Friends …
Cynthia Dill, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, pets a puppy while campaigning in Auburn on July Fourth.

Dill brings in $66,000 in second quarter

Democrat Cynthia Dill brought in $66,000 in contributions to her U.S. Senate campaign between April 1 and June 30, according to the latest finance report the campaign has filed with the Federal Election Commission. Dill’s campaign spent almost $47,000 during the reporting period, leaving the organization with $28,000 in cash …

Maine College of Art adds Sussman to its list of powerful friends

Maine College of Art has been making friends in high places in recent months. In late February, MECA officials and students joined Portland Pirates hockey team CEO Brian Petrovek to celebrate the school’s partnership with the team in developing the Pirates’ 20th anniversary logo. About two weeks ago, MECA leaders …

Media Mutt

The Week of Living Ignorantly

Water cooler conversation: Bring the Olympics to Maine

As we barrel headlong into 2012, year of the London Summer Olympics, I got to thinking. Wouldn’t hosting the Olympics be a neat way to showcase Maine’s natural beauty? So I figured I’d start a fun conversation on this blog to start the New Year. Why not make a case …

The 25 Most Influential People In Maine Politics

Measuring influence is an inexact science, to say the least. It is by its very nature a highly subjective thing. But that shouldn’t stop us from having a little fun at the end of the year. As such, Pine Tree Politics is starting a new tradition, something that we will …

A short, fun race ends with a dance party in Bangor tonight

Hi all. I owe you a race report about this little event. It’s coming … I’ve been delaying because I’m just not that into racing right now. Which is why it makes total sense (/sarcasm) that I am writing about a cool race that’s taking place in Bangor tonight. The …

How to Find the Perfect Hair Stylist

There seems to be a salon either already existing or popping up on every corner these days. How do you pick the right one or, better yet, find the PERFECT hairstylist? Maybe you currently have a stylist you aren’t happy with. I say it is YOUR hair, so stop feeling frumpy and check out these three tips to finding The PERFECT Hairstylist.

You don’t have to call your doctor to get lab results anymore

Patients can now get their medical test results directly from the laboratory, without going through a doctor’s office. The new rule, part of the Obama administration’s effort to give patients more say in their health care, particularly affects Maine and a dozen other states that permit labs to release results only …

Let me tell you about feeling truly loved on Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day.  A day that morphed from celebrating a martyred Christian saint’s death to pushing mass consumerism down our throats.  Jewelry.  Flowers.  Chocolates.  Cards.  If you don’t break the bank on things, word has it you’ll be in the dog house.  In my way more stupid younger years, I’ll …

Online Shopping..No Pants Required.

So, Black Friday is nearly upon us.  I’ve been going back and forth trying to decide whether or not I’ve gotten a handle on my road-rage issues to brave the hoards that night.  I am really the nicest, most patient least until I’ve been cut off in traffic half a …

People Look At You Funny When You Shop In A Hazmat Suit.

We’ve had the plague here in the house.  And I won’t name names (Mark a.k.a. “Ground Zero”) but only one of us has it and I’ve been tearing through this house since Tuesday trying to prevent contamination to the rest of us.  I’ve scoured every surface of this house with …

Maine researchers investigate if vitamin D can stave off diabetes

One in four Americans is estimated to have borderline diabetes. Researchers at the Maine Medical Center Research Institute want to help them avoid a full-blown diagnosis of the insulin disorder, a leading cause of death in the U.S. Vitamin D might just hold a clue. The Scarborough institute has been selected to participate …
URBAN EYE (blog)

Was Maine snubbed by the food Oscars?

The James Beard Award nominees were announced Tuesday and not a single Maine chef made the list. Nary a one. If Portland, with as many indie restaurants per capita as San Francisco, is the food Mecca of the state, gaining on Boston, the slight seems particularly galling. Especially considering only …

As ACA deadline looms, Maine doctors show support for single-payer health care

With March 31 fast approaching as the deadline to buy health insurance under the Affordable Care act, the state’s largest physicians group has released new survey results showing Maine doctors favor a very different kind of health reform. The survey of Maine Medical Association members shows nearly two-thirds of doctors prefer …