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Rabbi Justin Goldstein gives a talk about his first ascent of Mt. Katahdin at a meeting of Temple Beth Israel's Friendship Club.  In the background is an original painting of Mt. Katahdin by Friendship Club member, Norman Stern.

Mount Katahdin never grows old

One sure sign of September in Maine is the appearance of Mt. Katahdin in the news. It is the time when many thru-hikers complete their 2,180-mile Appalachian Trail journey on top of Katahdin with champagne, cigars and stories to tell. This year, I heard a new kind of Katahdin story, …

Mount Katahdin: snowshoeing and sliding on Abol

On Sunday, Feb. 19, I woke up at 4 a.m. to travel to Millinocket and hike to Mount Katahdin with two fellow hikers, Adam MacDonald and Perry O’Brian, both of Bangor. Though I’ve hiked the mountain several times and in several different ways during the summer, I had never even …
While driving north on I-95, Sarah Smiley came around a bend and saw the most spectacular sight: behind the cows and the orange and red autumn leaves, Mount Katahdin rose in the distance.

Siri sent me off the beaten path

Since the ubiquitous integration of GPS on our devices in our everyday life, I have found myself off the beaten path more often. That seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it? With better navigation and a hands-free, robot voice giving step-by-step directions, I should be getting from Point A to Point B more …
Nick Elliott of Corinth drills through the ice on March 9, 2013, clearing the way for an evening of cusk fishing on Upper Jo Mary Lake. Mount Katahdin looms in the background.

It’s as cold as ice — time to fish those frozen waters

Welcome to the 2014 ice fishing season. The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife will be providing these reports every two weeks through winter into the beginning of March. If you haven’t purchased your license yet, 2014 licenses are available online at Also, the 2014 fishing lawbook is …
Mount Katahdin forms the backdrop for two horses in Patten.

Maine’s mountains focus of essay contest

FORT KENT, Maine – Maine’s inland mountains such as Katahdin, Bigelow, Moxie, Blue, Deboulie and Saddleback support hundreds of miles of hiking trails, camping opportunities and wildlife habitat providing countless recreational and sporting opportunities. Some in the state fear that those opportunities could be nothing more than memories if residents …
View from the Abol Trail during a winter trip to climb Mount Katahdin in Baxter State Park in March 2011.

Taking on Mount Katahdin in the winter

BAXTER STATE PARK — By 1 p.m. it was decision time. The winter gusts were fierce and we didn’t want to leave the relative shelter of the boulders around us. Our chance of reaching Baxter Peak safely that day seemed rather slim. To continue on would have entailed a two-hour …

Katahdin: A winter wonderland, too

The first time I tried to climb Mount Katahdin in winter was March 2007.
Hiker Steve Clendenning pauses on Mount Katahdin to enjoy the view during his 2,185-mile hike of the Appalachian Trail.

Walking off their wars: Combat veterans through-hike the Appalachian Trail

MILLINOCKET, Maine — Kevin Reed once thought of himself as shy. His fear of rejection, he says, sat him back on his heels. He made you come to him, and when you did, he’d make sure you knew whenever he felt slighted. About anything. His relationships were messy — divorce, …

Destination: Millinocket Don’t knock it till ya ‘Nocket Autumn is a magical time in that little city at the foot of Mount Katahdin

Everyone I know has a different nickname for Millinocket. Some call it simply “The ‘Nocket.” Others refer to it as “Milladelphia.” And, despite the fact that there’s no casino there that I know of, I’ve also heard it called “Mill Vegas.” This might have something to do with the nearby …

Rescue under way on Mount Katahdin

BAXTER STATE PARK – An injured man and his hiking party remained on Mount Katahdin on Monday night while rescuers attempted to reach the group after they called for help with a cell phone at 3 p.m., according to park director Buzz Caverly. The man, whose name was not released, …

Two hikers rescued on Mount Katahdin

BAXTER STATE PARK, Maine — When the call reporting an injured hiker came in Thursday, Campground Ranger Gardner Waldeier actually was farther up Mount Katahdin than the hiker was — and that was only Gardner’s first rescue of the day, his supervisor said Friday. Waldeier was among 22 rescuers who …
Eve Jordan, 20, left, and Aislinn Sarnacki, 22, hiking around a cairn on the Tablelands of Mount Katahdin. Photo courtesy of Derek Runnells

On Mount Katahdin, sharing a family tradition

“It’s been awhile since we’ve had newbies,” said my cousin Eve, 20, as she sat beside me in the pickup truck. We were headed back to camp from the Ledges — naturally occurring waterslides in Baxter State Park.

Some trails reopened on Mount Katahdin

Baxter State Park officials say conditions on the hiking trails on the western slope of Mount Katahdin are now suitable for hiking.

Injured Baxter hiker rescued N.J. man, 3 others were on Katahdin

BAXTER STATE PARK – A New Jersey man was treated at a local hospital and then released Tuesday after falling from a rock face on Mount Katahdin on Monday and dislocating both shoulders. Vincent Jones, 56, was taken to Millinocket Regional Hospital at 6 a.m. Tuesday after park rangers spent …
A day hiker takes in the view on the slopes of Mount Katahdin, elevation 5,270, the tallest mountain in Maine, as clouds blow by the ridgeline in 2006. Mount Katahdin is in Baxter State Park.

Baxter State Park opens some roads, fishing spots

BAXTER STATE PARK, Maine — A moderate winter has allowed Baxter State Park officials to gratify fishermen and fiddlehead gatherers by opening several park roads this week, Director Jensen Bissell said Friday. Most roads in the north end of the park and above the treelines leading to Mount Katahdin are …
The Maine Geological Survey has published a new book on the geology of Baxter State Park, titled, ?A Guide to the Geology of Baxter State Park and Katahdin,? by Douglas W. Rankin and Dabney W. Caldwell. The new book has a number of new features, including two full-colored maps and a de-scription of five geology hikes in the park. PHOTO: COURTESY OF THE MAINE GEOLOGICAL SURVEY

Maine Geological Survey publishes Baxter book

Baxter State Park and Mount Katahdin have long been treasured for their wild beauty and the outdoor recreational opportunities they offer visitors.

Maine PBS to present Mount Katahdin film

BANGOR – The television stations of Maine PBS will premiere “Wilderness and Spirit: A Mountain Called Katahdin” at 7 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 10. “Wilderness and Spirit: A Mountain Called Katahdin” is directed by Huey, an independent filmmaker from Portland who has spent more than five years preparing the show. Capturing …

Mount Katahdin hike to benefit kids with cancer

True friendship means sharing, but there may be no deeper sharing than the shared loss of children. Nancy Norton of Hudson and Laurie Dunton of Corinth know all too well the meaning of that statement. Although friends for many years, they hadn’t been in recent touch until they “ran into …

Mount Katahdin trek to benefit homeless shelter

The sixth annual Bangor Area Homeless Shelter Hike for Homeless Awareness is coming right up. In fact, BAHS program manager Mike Andrick will lead a contingent of 20 committed community volunteers who will climb the Saddle Trail on Mount Katahdin in Baxter State Park on Saturday, Aug. 4. Helping support …

Where in the woods am I? Mount Katahdin

By viewing the photos below, guess which Maine mountain I hiked on Friday with a group of enthusiastic teens (even in the drizzle and gloom). This time, you need to guess the mountain and the trail (or series of trails). This particular mountain is fairly popular, I’d say. The clouds …