September 21, 2018
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Thursday, June 7, 2018: Cote is best choice for governor, St. Clair right for 2nd District, Sweet supports food sovereignty

Farmer for Sweet

Food sovereignty, at its most basic, puts the aspirations and needs of those who grow and eat food at the heart of food systems and policies rather than the demands of markets and corporations. I am a farmer who’s deeply engaged working toward such a local, bottom-up policy to address challenges facing small, diversified farms and our customers.

There is but one gubernatorial candidate that is talking about food sovereignty and farming policy beneficial to small farms and community-based food production. She has come to our farm and seen late winter in the barns and snowy fields.

Her name is Betsy Sweet.

In her words, “farmers are reinvigorating our agricultural communities, attracting young people to the state, and providing us all with the opportunity to eat healthy, locally grown and made food. Specifically, we must encourage municipalities to pass food sovereignty ordinances, allowing neighbors to sell to neighbors as we have done for centuries without the interference of big government.”

Imagine a governor who would actively promote food sovereignty and diversified farming. And, not just to help the 1 to 2 percent of us who are growing food or the larger percentage who eat it, but because she understands that farms are an elemental building block of society. From a solid foundation of farming in our communities grow stronger rural economies, improved health, and an inter-connectedness that becomes a fabric of resilience in harsh times.

Sweet is a candidate for governor this farmer is excited to support.

Heather Retberg


St. Clair has right skills, background

Lucas St. Clair has shown that he can handle adversity and turn it around to a success. I am thinking about the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument.

These skills will be vital to carry through the Democratic agenda: health care for all, increased spending on education and new investments in the infrastructure. These are the areas where the new and better jobs are going to be created. We need a combination of private and government efforts.

First the Democrats have to win majorities, in the Maine Legislature and in Congress. St. Clair has the experience, the background and political ideas to be part of this winning team.

What would a Democratic victory mean? A break with the irresponsible show that is going on in Washington. For the first time in their life thousands of Mainers in the 2nd Congressional District would be able to get full scale health insurance, which they will pay for but at really reasonable rates. More education — the economy we are fast steering into, with more automation and use of internet, requires workers and professionals with new skills. The Maine infrastructure should be renewed as well.

This is a local and national fight. St. Clair is our man to carry it through.

Par Kettis


Sweet for governor

On June 12, Betsy Sweet will be my first choice for the Democratic nomination for our next governor. I have known Sweet for the past two years and have personally witnessed her dedication, honesty, and commitment to those she represents. I have seen her relentless energy and her organizational ability and her readiness of uniting all humans of this state regardless of any label. She will honor the will of the voter and will see that no vulnerable human being is lost in the system.

Sweet encompasses the spirit of every Maine citizen who loves living in, and visiting, our vibrant, hopeful, and clean, nature filled state. She will build the respect of the citizens by showing that our state can be home, our state can be vacationland, and our state can be proud of being a place where everyone can have the opportunity to walk the journey of life and to live that life productively.

Please join me in supporting Sweet for governor on June 12.

Donna Deigan


Cote is best choice for governor

As the BDN’s recent endorsement made clear, Adam Cote is our best choice from either party to lead Maine as governor. In a time of rapid and often confusing change, we need new leadership that focuses on opportunities despite all the noise.

As a soldier, Cote was tested in ways most of us will never know. His decorated National Guard record proves he can handle any situation. Undoubtedly he will make us proud of the outcomes we can achieve together, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

He also understands that inclusiveness, good communication and a willingness to listen to everyone’s ideas leads to better outcomes for the group. No matter your background or identity, Cote will be your governor. Let’s help him to return civility to our discourse and emphasize the common good over our differences.

Most importantly, Cote is focused on energy: using it efficiently; generating it from free, renewable sources; and creating options to store electrical power and heat that will transform our grid and our economy. These new technologies make business sense, environmental sense, and they make sense for the communities where these industries will grow. Cote sees that a sustainable and prosperous Maine keeps its energy dollars cycling in our local economies.

The opportunities are everywhere and we cannot wait any longer to capitalize on them. Vote Cote for governor on June 12 so we can work together to make Maine more uniquely itself in this new world.

Tobey Williamson


Support for Herbig

I am writing in support of Erin Herbig and her campaign for the Maine Senate. Ever since childhood, I have had the joy of knowing Herbig as a very active member of the greater Belfast community, where she is from.

She has always supported my endeavors as a young college student from Waldo County, including inviting me to spend the day with her in Augusta observing her day-to-day activities. I believe that she is a fantastic asset to Waldo County and would serve our constituents very well in the state Senate.

I am very thankful for the opportunity to get to know Herbig and I look forward to all of her successes in Augusta and beyond.

Maylinda Boynton


Election notice

The BDN has stopped accepting letters and OpEds related to the June 12 election. Not all submissions can be published.


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