October 19, 2018
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Wednesday, June 6, 2018: Support for St. Clair, Sweet is best for Maine, Trump’s pardon logic threatens America

Trump’s dangerous pardon logic

It seems that President Donald Trump thinks he can avert any investigation of himself, even any questioning by the special counsel. He claims that as the chief executive, he cannot commit a crime, though at this time he claims he will not pardon himself. Apparently, he has no concept of the fact that the Founding Fathers wanted to erase any vestige of royal privilege in the office of our country’s leader.

Even before he was elected, Trump asserted that he could stand in the middle of the street and shoot someone, without any adverse effect on himself. If we allow such an attitude in our leader, then we are in effect granting that he can take any action against any legislator, any official, and against you or me if we dare to oppose him. In that event, the longest lasting democracy in history will itself be history.

Steve Colhoun


St. Clair will knit us together

I am writing to encourage my fellow Democrats to vote for Lucas St. Clair for Congress on June 12.

I learned this winter that St. Clair, like me, is a knitter when I bumped into him at a local yarn shop. I had not met him before and was immediately struck by his graciousness and genuine interest in my thoughts, concerns — and knitting projects.

I thanked St. Clair for his important work in establishing the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument — a process through which he knitted and weaved people together to identify and achieve common goals. Given the current state of our national politics, I believe we need someone like St. Clair in Washington advocating for us — someone from this region who truly cares about its people, and someone who will show up and put in the hard work to bring us all back together.

St. Clair is full of vigor and exudes a positive attitude with a bigness in spirit and joy. I am a retired therapist (like St. Clair’s father, I learned), and so I pay attention to these things. An elected official can learn many things on the job — but character is not one of them. St. Clair has the character of a leader and the stature of a statesman.

In these challenging times, it’s important to find slivers of hope in our politics. St. Clair is one of them, and I’m proud to give him my support.

Heidi Crosier-Sypitkowski


Sweet for governor

I’m voting for Betsy Sweet for governor because she has a track record of doing what’s best for the people of Maine. I’ve known Sweet my whole life. She’s a tireless advocate for people who typically don’t have a seat at the table. For over 30 years, she has been working with people, rather than for big corporations for better legislation to support our neighbors, our children, and our environment. These things matter to me. If we want a government that works for us, we need to elect leaders who will pay attention to us, the voters.

Sweet’s ideas are fresh — two years of free college tuition for Maine students in exchange for one year of local community service. Her plans are necessary — expanding Medicare, which is a step closer to universal health coverage, implementing a statewide action plan to address the opioid crisis, and eliminating investment in fossil fuels to promote clean energy in Maine.

Skeptics said she wouldn’t raise the funds as a Clean Elections candidate, that she wasn’t well known, so she wouldn’t get the signatures. Well, she has been traveling around the state sharing her message of “yes,” and her passion, knowledge and energy are contagious. She got the signatures. She got the funds through thousands of $5 contributions to the Clean Elections Fund.

She’s serious about wanting to serve the people of Maine as the governor of our great state. As a young mother in northern Maine who wants a great future for my daughter, she’s got my vote.

Lucy Van Hook


St. Clair has my vote

Lucas St. Clair has my trust and my vote. We need someone who will listen to us, and he has a record of doing that. He has spent five years meeting with and listening to the people in the communities around what is now the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument. Through these meetings, he changed some of his views on how the gift of his family’s private land would be used and opened more parts of it to various outdoor activities, which people told him were concerns of theirs. He listened and acted on what people told him.

My family will be holding a reunion in Millinocket this summer, supporting local businesses and visiting the monument. I have been told how much the town has been growing since the monument was proposed — new businesses, young families moving to Millinocket, schools getting more students, and there seems to be hope in the town. These things do not happen all at once, but job growth is coming.

Not all the people St. Clair spoke with agreed with him, but he talked with them. One man who does not agree with everything St. Clair has wanted to do admits that St. Clair was always truthful with him, and respects him for that.

Truth, respect and compromise are something we need again in Washington. St. Clair has a record of working with people to accomplish something, and he supports issues that will benefit Mainers.

Marie Ward


Vote No on Question 1

Plurality voting, which has been used in this nation since its founding, has served our country well. The complexity and nullification of cast votes used to artificially claim a “winner by majority” in ranked-choice voting is a step away from one person, one vote. It is detrimental to election integrity and is likely unconstitutional.

Our Constitution and our way of voting has taken us from a small backward country to the freest and richest nation in the world. What we have has been proven over 200 years is that there is nothing to “fix.” Vote no on Question 1.

Joe Grant


Election notice

The BDN has stopped accepting letters and OpEds related to the June 12 election. Not all submissions can be published.


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