October 19, 2018
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Tuesday, June 5, 2018: Sweet is first choice, St. Clair will deliver, Mills is a rare leader

St. Clair will lead

Lucas St. Clair spent years working successfully to create the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument in Maine. When he faced daunting opposition and attacks, St. Clair responded, not with negativity but by listening to those who would be most affected. He acknowledged adverse opinions and worked diligently to create compromises and solutions that worked. I see him responding in the same measured, hard-working and non-negative way in this Democratic primary.

St. Clair promises to put those same considerable skills to work to protect Medicare and Social Security and fight for health care for us. I believe him. He has proven he is up to the fight and capable of delivering.

If you are a Democrat in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District, get out there and cast your ballot for this amazing young man in the June 12 primary. I have no doubt that St. Clair will bring honor and competence to the job of representing the 2nd Congressional District and will live up to our state motto: “Dirigo,” “I Lead.”

Rosemary Monahan


Sweet is first choice

When conversation turns to politics, attitudes and opinions can be unpredictable. Discourse can deteriorate to partisan shouting matches all too quickly. Here in Maine, we have an opportunity to change all that — our gubernatorial primary is June 12 and we have a rich field of candidates to choose from. So many choices can be overwhelming and exciting, but in terms of real change, the Democratic candidate who rises to the top is Betsy Sweet.

Sweet is a proven advocate with innovative ideas and a long record of fighting for policy change. She has never run for office and isn’t a career politician, but she does know how to make things happen. Her work as an advocate in the State House is inspired by the challenges she knows all too well — finding a good paying job, paying for childcare and supporting local schools.

On June 12, Sweet will be my first-choice.

Jane O’Rourke


No to ranked voting

If rank-choice voting passes again, it will be a redundant way of bilking taxpayers of our time and taxes. Rank choice is rank.

Bob Kord


Herbig for Senate

In a year that we have seen negative politics take over on the national and state level, those of us in Waldo County have an opportunity to put forth a candidate who has demonstrated her positive influence and energy in the Maine Legislature for the last eight years. Erin Herbig is running for the Maine Senate seat for District 11, after representing District 97 in the State House since 2010.

She has worked for business development, education, seniors and agriculture by being responsive and focused on the issues her constituents stress as important to their daily lives. She has shown her leadership ability by serving as House Majority Leader while always staying accessible to the voters. She is able to converse and work with people on all sides of the political spectrum with grace and intelligence, and I am sure she will continue her good work in the Senate.

That is why I am supporting Herbig in the Democratic primary on June 12. I encourage you to check out her record and positions and then vote for her as candidate for Senate District 11.

Pat Clark


Sweet for governor

On June 12, Betsy Sweet will be my first choice for the Democratic nomination for governor.

Sweet is a progressive who walks the walk. She’s the only candidate in the race running under Maine’s landmark Clean Election Act, which means her campaign is financed by special interests of any kind.

One of the reasons our state and federal governments are so dysfunctional is the corrosive influence of special interest money in our elections. Too often, our elected leaders are prevented from representing the interests of the people because they must take into account the interests of their campaign contributors. That’s why Maine voters passed the Clean Election Act more than 20 years ago.

While much of the Maine Legislature relies on public funding for their elections, Maine still has not elected a governor who opted for Clean Election funding. This is the year; Sweet is the candidate.

Wendy Flaschner


Mills is best choice

As a young student of history, one resounding conclusion makes itself clear to me: my privilege is not to be taken for granted. It can be stolen the moment I fail to utilize it. Since my vulnerable privilege roots itself most resolutely in my voice as a free American, I use it now to say that we are not done.

To clarify the changes my generation requires, we need higher quality education, supported by 5G and protected by sensible gun legislation. We need an increased minimum wage and college debt relief. We need government protection of all gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, and races. We need an environment clean enough so that we may live to fight for this world we deserve.

We look to the Democratic gubernatorial field and elatedly find the additional privilege of all candidates supporting these measures. This privilege deepens when we discover among them one rare candidate who can actually be elected and complete them: Janet Mills.

How rare is it that a Democratic candidate has the simultaneous conviction and negotiating capacity that she can win eight elections in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District? How rare is it that a candidate has extensive experience that has led her not to corruption, but to wisdom?

I urge you: Do not take our privilege for granted. Utilize it. Support this rare candidate who can bring the changes our future needs, and vote with me to elect Mills.

Ivy Flessen


Forward with Cote

My friends and neighbors can’t stop talking to me about Adam Cote. They’re excited about his plan to move Maine forward by utilizing our resources to their fullest potential — including attracting young professionals to the state — and to stop wasting our potential for a sustainable, environmentally friendly future.

I’m so glad I’ve talked to my friends and neighbors. Cote has my first choice vote on June 12, and I would encourage everyone to do the same. It’s time to move Maine forward and stop looking back.

Rien Finch


Election notice

The BDN has stopped accepting letters and OpEds related to the June 12 election. Not all submissions can be published.


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